We wanted to update you on the status of the connecting corridor at Van Cortlandtville ES.

The connecting corridor is fully designed, but needed final budget financing approval this past May.  

When the bids were returned for the project they were significantly greater than what we had budgeted. After discussions with architects and contractors, we determined that many contractors who would have potentially bid lower on the project were already committed to other projects. In addition, the work on the project would have started later and would have extended well into the new school year creating possible safety concerns.

We are now scheduling the work for July, 2020, following a new bid process in January 2020 which we believe will give us more and better bids from a wider variety of contractors. It will also allow us to schedule the work to start and be completed over the summer so that there will be no safety and parking problems.

We realize the project will be delayed a number of months, but believe the importance of  safety, better savings for you as taxpayers, and easier access to look at courtyard issues are very important considerations.

As you may remember, the initial delays resulted from the need to address major environmental needs at another school and a requirement from the State to immediately correct them.

This situation was similar to what happened previously with the Van Cortlandtville Elementary School auditorium. When a ceiling problem arose there, it became a top priority and took funding away from other projects to get done immediately.

We look forward to the completion of the connecting corridor which will bring an added element of safety to the Van Cortlandtville Elementary School.  Thank you for your patience as we complete this and other projects at your school and throughout the district.