Parents as Writing Partners   

 “When schools, families, and community groups work together to support learning, children tend to do better in school, stay in school longer, and like school more.”  That’s the conclusion of A New Wave of Evidence, a report from Southwest Educational Development Laboratory (2002).

Co-Author with your Child
We are looking for parents and children to come together to learn about the writing process, co-author a book with your child and celebrate as authors.

Please join us
We believe that your children can learn to write well—that writing is a craft.  To get better at writing, it’s important that they write a lot.  The more children write, the more fluent they are.   Every job interview, every scholarship application, every college essay will be an opportunity for your children to tell their own stories with grace and power.  We believe that writers of all ages benefit from having a writing partner who will help them rehearse their writing and give them knowledgeable feedback along the way.

Please join Dr. Gagliardi, Principal, and Stacie Boylan, Grade 4 Teacher, at our first meeting on Wednesday,
January 16, 2019 in the TJ library @ 6:00 PM where you will learn about the narrative writing process and start your books with your co-authors.  The schedule for future meetings are:  January 23 and February 6.  All meetings will be held in the TJ Library @ 6:00 PM.