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The World According to Humphrey
By Betty G. Birney

Dear Families,
We are very excited to announce that our school community will be participating in the all-school book club called One School, One Book again this year! Every family will receive a copy of the same book – The World According to Humphrey by Betty G. Birney – and will be asked to read it together at home over the next few weeks. We will ALL be reading the SAME CHAPTER BOOK at the SAME TIME!  How exciting!!  We are asking you to make the time so that your family can participate in this special activity.

The World According to Humphrey
When Ms. Mac first adopts Humphrey from the Pet-O-Rama, he becomes a reluctant member of Room 26 at Longfellow School.  However, over time, Humphrey slowly endears himself to the students in Room 26 – and to the adults lucky enough to know him!  What Humphrey really does is teach lessons. He recognizes and supplies the life lessons that give both students and adults confidence, enabling them to confront their secrets and overcome their challenges. This book is an endearing tale of a humble hamster, Humphrey, who turns the world of everyone he meets upside down ~ for the better! 

How can you help?

  • You will be asked to read the assigned chapter with your child(ren).  Check the attached reading calendar and log for dates and initial each night you read.

  • The reading log is due on Friday, February 16th.  Each completed log will be entered into a special drawing.

  • Throughout the program, children will be immersed in common vocabulary, daily trivia and cross-curricular activities surrounding the events and themes in the book.

    Home-School Connection Activity Overview:

  • School-wide Book Reveal

  • Eat like Humphrey Days – Encourage your children to bring a snack that Humphrey would eat (suggested snacks will be provided).

  • Trivia Questions– At school, students will have a chance to answer trivia questions related to the reading.  Please make sure the chapter is completed the morning of the due date so trivia questions can be answered that day in school.

  • Where in the World is Humphrey?” Picture Challenge– Your child will color a paper Humphrey and bring him on an adventure outside of school.  Snap a picture of your child with Humphrey and attach it to the provided post card, with a brief description of the adventure.

  • “Adventures of Humphrey” Essay Writing Contest – Write about an adventure Humphrey might have if he visited Benjamin Franklin Elementary School.

  • Humphrey Challenge of the Week– Humphrey faces several challenges in the book.  Before reading these sections of the book, discuss as a family how Humphrey might solve these problems:

    • Week of Jan. 22:  Sayeh doesn’t talk in class because she thinks others will make fun of her.  How can Humphrey get her to speak up?

    • Week of Jan. 29: AJ’s family is ALWAYS watching TV.  How can Humphrey get them to turn off the TV?

    • Week of Feb. 5:  Mr. Brisbane was injured and has a sour attitude.  How can Humphrey help cheer him up?

Be sure to check our Reading Calendar for dates!

Please Click Here for Reading Calendar and Log

We hope you are as excited as we are to be a part of our Community of Readers here at Ben Franklin.  When a whole school reads a book, there’s a lot to talk about!

And remember…

“You can learn a lot about yourself when you get to know another species.”
~ Ms. Mac, The World According to Humphrey