Lakeland District Debate Team Finishes a Strong Season

Debate team photo

The Lakeland District Debate Team wrapped up its successful regular season in the New York City Urban Debate League, which held all of its competitions online this year.

At the recent City Championship Tournament, Walter Panas High School sophomore Alanalee Hughes finished seventh in individual competition out of approximately 300 students.

She was one of eight students from Walter Panas and Lakeland High School who competed in the March 13 tournament, which was the final competition in this year’s New York City Urban Debate League season.

After the tournament, Alanalee finished the season with a rank of 32 out of 395 high school students in the greater New York City area. Lakeland High School sophomore Ilan Villard was ranked 36th for the season.

The rankings are based on a combination of competitive success and the level of participation throughout the season.

“Congratulations to Alanalee and Ilan for their impressive finish this season,” said debate coach Stefan Bauschard. “They both worked extremely hard and their high rankings are a credit to their perseverance and ability. It was great to see them succeed against some of the strongest debaters in the city.”

“I’m so proud of all of our students who competed this season, when everything was so different due to the pandemic,” he added.

In the all-girls Bella Abzug tournament on March 19, Lakeland juniors Yazmine Sibiski and Grace Rice finished fourth. This was the first award for the debate partners, who joined the team in January.

The Bella Abzug Leadership Institute sponsors the annual tournament to provide girls with a unique opportunity for collaboration and conversation.

The Lakeland District Debate Team will compete at the State tournament on April 9 and 10. Good luck to all of the competitors.