NEW Reflections as of February 28, 2020
Club Sponsors

A primary goal in our District is to connect every student with a positive role model and fellow students with similar positive interests. Thanks to numerous staff volunteer sponsors, we can help accomplish this through our wide variety of school clubs (and organizations). Almost every Board of Education meeting agenda includes the approval of new and innovative club opportunities.

In the past year, clubs such as "Different Not Less," UNICEF, "esports," and "Pre-Med" have been added to the list of over seventy in the high schools and middle school. The clubs and organizations do numerous service and volunteer projects throughout the community, they advocate for non-discrimination and equality for all, they provide recreational outlets, and they help promote and develop leadership.

A majority of Lakeland students are involved in clubs and organizations, and the numbers grow each year. Not only do these opportunities enrich our students' educational programs, but they also improve their resume as they apply for college and post-secondary opportunities.

On behalf of the District I want to thank all staff members who volunteer or sponsor our clubs and organizations that provide connections and co-curricular enrichment opportunities for our students and school community.

Dr. George Stone
Lakeland Central School District