NEW Reflections: Lakeland's Custodial Staff

When the school day ends in Lakeland, an additional school shift begins. Once students and staff have left, the extensive preparation for the next day begins.

The District’s custodial and cleaning staff do more than empty trash and mop the floors. They assist security aides in monitoring visitors during school, after school and evening activities. The custodial staff handles minor repairs and replacements.

They are the primary caretaker not only of the buildings but the outside grounds and traffic areas. And in the flu season, they spend considerable time sanitizing furniture and fixtures in the classrooms and the building.
Many of our day custodians are another friendly face to students and staff in common spaces such as the cafeteria. They also do a thorough cleanup after lunchtime, helping to ensure a clean and safe place for students to eat and relax.

While responsible for supervision, head custodians often work right alongside their teams as it takes a full crew to ensure everything is clean, working correctly, and ready to go for the next day. It is hard work, and much appreciated work.

On behalf of the entire community, I want to thank our custodians for daily doing a critically important job and their sincere dedication to the District.

Dr. George Stone
Lakeland Central School District