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Principal's News

Welcome to the 2017-18 school year. The year has started well. September was busy, filled with getting to know the morning arrival and routines of the day. We had our grade level assemblies to discuss our TWIST expectations for behaviors throughout the school and bus environments. We encourage all to review the school rules and expectations. The Student Handbook is online and contains the Code of Conduct.

As a part of SAFETY, we will complete our mandated drills throughout the year.

 Attendance Policy – Attendance is a critical component of the learning process. Students must be in the classroom to learn. In Lakeland, students must maintain a minimum 90% attendance rate. Please be sure if your child is absent from school, a call is placed to the nurse’s office that day to ensure the students whereabouts. Upon return a written note with the reason for the absence is required to be submitted to the classroom teacher.

 Wellness Policy – the district Wellness Policy authorizes one unhealthy snack party per month. All snacks, healthy or unhealthy MUST have an ingredients label on it to be cleared by Mrs. Ferreira for student consumption. Please do not cut any fruits or vegtables at home, these will not be permitted to be options for the students due to the challenges with student allergies. For the safety and health of all of our students, thank you for helping with this need.

STAR Assessments – Our students have completed the STAR assessment for the beginning of the school year. STAR checks for specific skills your child has mastered and gives reports to the teachers of strengths and needs in reading and math areas.

The children take the test on a computer which is a skill the students will need as we move forward with state assessments in the future.

 October Happenings – In October we will kick off the theme of the month with our assembly by student council. Our theme for October is Tolerance and the I statement is: “I will accept others and their differences.”

The Emergency Management Drill takes place on Friday, October 6th. The K- 5 students evacuate 15 minutes early for dismissal to practice this drill for the school year. Our PM UPK CLASS will dismiss at the regular 3:00 PM pick-up.

We will all need to bring our smiles to school on October 17th for our Picture Day, thank you PTA for the hard work in giving our families the opportunity to have a memory of their children’s school year.

Some of the Enrichment activities for October are Fourth Gr. Hudson River, and many will complete crafts for the Fall season.

Lastly, the mid-point in the grading quarter will be October 24th. Should a teacher have a concern about the progress of a student, this is one opportunity we take to write to parents and explain what the concern might be, the steps the school is taking to intervene and what you may be able to do at home to help support as well.

 Fall Celebration –All students may wear an appropriate costume to school on October 31st. Our UPK and Kindergarten students will parade for all the students in school. All classes may have a small celebration in their classrooms. Our students are very fortunate to have the opportunity to attend the PTA Fall Fest on Saturday, October 28, which has a costume activity as a part of the wonderful festivities. We hope you will have your family join should you wish to celebrate Halloween.

 Student Information Form– the District has moved to be more eco-friendly system for Emergency Information. If you have not already completed and submitted the online Student Information form online, please go to the designated site and use the Student/Family ID number provided in the letter sent to you at the beginning of the school year. Any questions with the process, please call Deborah Speedling – (914) 528-2519.

Bus Passes – Please remember students ride on their designated bus. Bus Passes for another school bus are solely permitted for childcare purposes only. If any change to your child’s regular routine for dismissal will be needed, please be sure to write a note in the morning to your child’s classroom teacher. If you should communicate changes in dismissal in an email format be sure that the office staff, nurse and teacher are all on the email, this will ensure that someone views it on the day needed.

 Wild About ELA and Math Coaching!

Welcome back to a new school year!  The coaches have been off to a running start in assisting teachers with administering assessments in both math and ELA to help them learn about the individual learners in their classes.  After assisting with assessments, we have been meeting with all of your children’s teachers to look at data and use it to talk about how we can best differentiate for your child/children in class to provide an optimal learning experience.  Our district-wide reading goal is guided reading this year, and our math goal is problem solving.  We can’t wait to begin cycling with teachers in October and working in classrooms to help meet those goals!

Best,  Chris Urso, Literacy Coach & Jennifer Crivelli, Math Coach

 Technology – We are fortunate to have excellent resources in technology to enhance our student instruction. The teachers in Grades K & 1 have daily access to iPads for the students in addition to our two computer rooms. Grades 2 – 5 now have access to Chromebooks to develop student learning as well. The teachers are completing training and developing their knowledge of the educational uses of the devices and applications it may have to enhance student learning.       

 Communication - There are many tools we use to communicate. All faculty have email accounts, we have our district and school webpages, our district and school Facebook pages, written correspondences and phone contact. We appreciate you keeping us informed and we will work hard to do the same. Thank you for the commitment to working together.

News from the Nurse
Let’s start off the year right. Proper nutrition is key to good health and learning. Breakfast is very important to start your child’s day! It’s important your child eats a nutritious breakfast daily. Please send your child with a healthy snack and lunch. Encourage good eating habits at home and school.  

As a reminder please alert the health office during the school year to discuss with the school nurse these medical issues:

  • A student has or has recently recovered from a serious illness
  • A student has been hospitalized
  • A student has had surgery
  • A student has sustained an injury requiring medical treatment

Documentation from your health care provider will be needed to return to school with or without restrictions for Physical Education and recess.  Also if crutches are needed a Healthcare provider note needs to be provided.

Physicals are required for all new entrants and students in grades Kindergarten, 2nd and 4th Grade.  Documentation of a physical or date of upcoming physical must be in the Health Office by 10/2/17. Students who do not return evidence of a physical examination or the date of an appointment will have a health appraisal scheduled and documented with our medical director. Please send completed physical forms to the Health Office & keep a copy for your records. 

Dental Certificates are requested, but not required for students in K, 2 and 4th grade

Medication of any kind cannot legally be dispensed to any child in school without a Physician’s written order and parental consent. An adult must bring the medication to school.  It must be in the original prescription container (ask the pharmacist for two (2) containers –one to remain at home and one for school).

Physical, Dental and Medication forms can be down loaded from the District’s website: click on Departments look for Heath Office. 

If your child shows any symptoms of illness:  temperature over 100š, flu-like symptoms, vomiting or GI issues, sore throat that interferes with swallowing, ear pain, colored eye drainage, suspicious or draining rash. Please keep him/her home. A child who is sick will not be able to perform well in school. Notify your health care provider if there is no improvement.

Absences should be called in daily before 8:45AM.  Please call L-T # 528-2519 press # 1 and leave a clear message including name of child, grade, and reason for absence.  Please leave details of illness:   It is recommended that students stay home at least 24 hours after they are free of fever (100 F or greater) or signs of a fever, without the use of fever reducing medication. A written note is still required upon return to school.


Please call me with any questions or concerns & keep me informed of any upcoming surgery or changes in health or medication status.

Here’s to a healthy year at LT!