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Principal Corner

January brought us some indoor recess time, we continue to try and get outside when the weather is warm enough and the ground is safe for play/walking. We do hope to get the students out as much as possible so please ensure they come dressed in layers to allow for time outside if appropriate. The general rule of thumb is temperatures 32 degrees or below (including wind chill) will keep us inside . The ground coverage with snow will also impact our availability to go outside as well. We have set up a space for some indoor exercise organized play. The students will have a rotational calendar to visit the space on indoor recess days.

We had a Lockdown Drill with the County Police present. This drill was not previously announced to the staff or students. The students and staff handled this unannounced drill well. We strive to keep our students safe and thank all of our visitors for following the safety rules needed.

Our Fourth Grade met with Mrs. Cooper and reviewed an empowerment program. This program aims to develop an awareness of our strengths and weaknesses. The students work on how they can advocate making their learning environment a positive place and knowing what they need to be successful is i mportant as they grow. Some of our fifth grade students will have a review session with Mrs. Cooper in February as well. 


February ~ Report Cards will be distributed on February 6th.

Kindergarten Registration

Will be occurring the week of February 5 - 8 . A child, who will be five years o ld on or before December 1, 2018 , is eligible to attend kindergarten in the District. The registration information is available on the Lakeland Central School District's website at
Registration is held at the Home School of the registering family. Registration packets must be completed and returned the day you register your child. Please note the parent/guardian of the child MUST come in personally to register their child. Please note there are three days and one evening for registration. Should you miss this opportunity, registration is on-going; however, the sooner the students are registered it helps with planning for our newest TWISTers.

One School, One Book 

We will kick off our One School One Book program on January 31 with the Month of February filled with a collection of activities in Math, ELA, social/emotional and Art. This is a wonderful process to engage the full community in a wonderful read. 

Character Education
Theme for February is Friendship. We will celebrate this theme all month, but our kick off assembly is on Friday, February 2nd.


PTA Updates
The L-T PTA Players completed a successful rehearsal sea son and we look forward to the production of Willy Wonka Jr.. We enjoy each of the production s througout the years and wish them all well for a great run this upcoming weekend. (Snowdate is the following weekend, if needed).

NYS Assessments
NYS ELA and Math Assessments for Grades 3 - 5 have changed this year. The NYS Education Department has made changes and the administration of both exams will be two days each instead of the previous three days. The ELA Exam will be April 11 – 12 with make-up days following and Math will be administered on May 2 & 3, with following days of make-up if needed. Our Fourth Grade takes a Science Performance and Written Exam in May and June.    

This past month, grades 2, 3, 4 and 5 have been learning about coding, the set of step-by-step instructions to program a computer. We did a series of exercises for four weeks using In PreK, we learned about the months of the year, seasons (particularly Winter) and snow. In Kindergarten and Grade 1, we learned that data is information and databases are collections of information. PebbleGo is a wonderful database for our younger students because facts are simply presented and more difficult words can be clicked on to find their meanings. Also, by clicking on the speaker icon, the articles can be read to the students. Our students were also introduced to eBooks (electronic books) and Tumblebooks is an excellent collection of eBooks that can be accessed from home. Just go to the Lincoln - Titus library website, and click on the portal page under “Students.” The username is “LTES” and the password is “library.” This sign on can also be used for the Capstone and Follett eBooks found be neath the portal page link. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to email me at     


Wild About ELA and Math Coaching!
January has been a fun-filled month, as we have been back in classrooms and working with students and teachers. In addition to that, we collaborated with technology coordinator, Linda Brandon, this month to prepare an exciting E4 room experience. We created a “Break-Out” room. This room contained boxes with several locks, and the only way to open them was to investigate the room, put clues together, communicate, and collaborate with each other. We were so impressed by the perseverance we saw as classes completed the challenge. Our grade 3-5 students conducted a traditional Break-Out, and our PreK-2 students conducted the Break-Out digitally. All had a great time! We look forward to the many wonderful activities February brings. We can’t wait for One School, One Book in February, where we will be creating E4 activities themed for our book. We are also excited to host our first “Family Math/Literacy Night” here at L-T! Stay tuned for more info!

Chris Urso (ELA Coach) Jennifer Crivelli (Math Coach)   


January’s character education theme was Inspiration, and our 2nd graders helped to kick off our January assembly with the song, “Rainbow Connection.” We also watched a “Kid President” video on inspiration.

 During the week of January 22nd, we celebrated Spirit Week at LT. Each day we tried to be an inspiration to others by saying something kind to a staff member who inspires us, or by inspiring others to be creative or different. Students were encouraged to show their creative side by wearing a crazy hair style or some unusual clothing! We ended the week by inspiring others to show pride for our country and its entire service people by wearing red, white, and blue, or camouflage clothing. It was inspiring to see how many students and staff participated in the different events!     

Looking ahead, February’s theme will be Friendship. We will also be introducing this year’s book choice for our One School, One Book program. The students will be reading, Charlotte’s Web , by E.B. White. This classic story is certainly one of friendship!

Be sure to look at our recently updated PBIS page on the LT website. To do so, just go to the school website, look under “school information,” and then see “PBIS.” Check back periodically, as there are more updates to come! 

Parent's Guide

Think Like an Inventor
By: Reading Rockets

 Creativity is an important characteristic to foster in your child. Fostering a creative spirit will give your child experience identifying a problem and coming up with new ideas for solving it. Here are four ways to encourage creativity in your young child.

Be Curious 
Most inventors are creative people with a wide range of interests. Foster your child's interests through books and conversations. Use your public library to check out books and other resources on the topic. Be aware of community events such as bird walks and hand - on activities that will help your child explore their interest.

Let Creativity Flow
Help your child develop creative fluency and flexible thinking. One fun way to do that is to think of an ordinary household tool, like a paper clip or a clothes hanger. Have your child think of all the possible things that could be made out of that item. Coming up with lots of ideas gives your child practice with exhausting all ideas. For example, a stick could become: 
A magic wand
A way to prop open a window
A tool to poke imaginary creatures
A way to hold hair in a bun
What else?

Make Mistakes
Did you know that Silly Putty was discovered accidentally when the General Electric Company attempted to find a substitute for rubber during World War II? Since then, over 200 million plastic eggs, containing 3,000 tons of Silly Putty, have been sold. Many inventions come from what feels like a mistake. Help your child understand that mistakes provide opportunities to learn. It will help if you share mistakes you've made recently too!


Never stop learning
Despite a very busy schedule, try to find a moment to look at an everyday item or event in a new way. Creativity can make common things special and special things more common!

Setting the right tone and atmosphere at home will foster creativity and learning. Ask open-ended questions that have multiple answers. Give your child the freedom to try and to make mistakes, even if things don't work out as planned. Praise your child's effort, or process, rather t han praising the outcome or product. And most importantly, have fun with the creative young learner in your life! 

 News from the Nurse

Winter is here and so are colds and flu. A cold is a viral infection of the throat and nose. Symptoms include a sore throat and coughing. Colds are usually transmitted through direct contact with an infected person. Flu is a more severe viral infection. Symptoms include sudden onset of aches, pains, chills, cough and a fever > 100’ F. 
Influenza is spread through droplets of an infected person sneezing or coughing. A person becomes infected breathing in these droplets. Please remind your children that using tissues and hand washing is the best way to stopthe spread of germs. Please keep your children home when they are ill. It is hard for a child to concentrate in school when he/she is not feeling well. Your child should have a normal temperature for 24 hours before returning to school. All absences must be reported on a daily basis. Please call 914-528-2519 option 1.
State law requires written parental explanation for all absences. Please send a note in when your child returns to school to his/her teacher. 

Looking forward to next year

New York State has adjusted its guidelines and requirements for which grades will require an updated physical for the start of the school year. In September 2018, all students entering grades Kindergarten, 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th, and 11th grades will require an updated physical dated no more than 12 months prior to the start of the school year. If your child is entering one of the mentioned grades in September, and has had a recent physical that is not currently on file in the Health Office, please send it in via your child’s backpack, or fax to 914 - 528 - 1471 or email to

Note to fifth grade parents & Guardians

NYS Law Section 2164 requires certain immunizations to enter 6th grade. Please check with your health care provider as soon as possible to make sure your child has these required immunizations. The requirements include: 2 doses of Varicella and Tdap: known as Boostrix or Adacel (Ten year olds entering 6th grade need to get Tdap once they turn 11). Please forward any updated immunization records to the Health Office.


Please send your children to school properly dressed. It is best you send your children dressed in layers. The temperature varies in the building from room to room. If dressed in layers your children will be prepared. Weather permitting the children will participate in outdoor recess. Send them with hats, scarves and warm jackets. Label all clothing! 


Happy Valentine’s Day! Let’s keep our hearts healthy, don’t forget to eat right and exercise! 

Mrs. Ferreira RN LT’s School Nurse