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Principal's News

Principal Corner
November brought us - The end of our first semester and the children are certainly engaged in their studies. Each of our grades is getting to experience many enrichment opportunities such as, Gr. 4 - Native Americans, experiencing traditions of Thanksgiving feasts and acts of kindness. This month was a time we all took some time to reflect on what we are thankful for.
Traditions Celebrations - Some of our enrichment experiences this month are: Kindergarten will learn about Hibernation, Second Grade will participate in BlubberGlove, and Kindergarten & First Grades have a special puppet show. Our classes throughout December will discuss various holiday traditions. Different celebrations are what make us unique and it is a wonderful learning experience for our students to hear how others share their holidays.
May all of our families enjoy their holiday traditions. Peace and kindness to all and a healthy New Year from the staff of Lincoln-Titus to all our families.
Winter Concert - Our Fourth and Fifth Grade chorus students have been practicing with Mr. Calidonna for our annual Winter Concert. On Monday, December 4th we will be in our APR at 7:00 PM for the wonderful annual event. The children will perform their songs and poems, please join us in this wonderful tradition.
Parent Volunteers - We are forever grateful for the support and assistance between the Home - School Connection. We wish to take this opportunity to thank all of our parents and/or guardians for all you do in support of your child and school. We acknowledge all our families for contributing to the school community in so many ways. There are those who are able to give a little more of their time than others to school activities and we certainly understand the hectic, challenging lives our families live. The added commitment that goes into being a class parent, P.A.V.E parent, PBIS cart parent, PTA Board member and all the sub-groups within the PTA is most appreciated by the staff. We thank you for all of the wonderfully talented and giving families at Lincoln-Titus Elementary School.
STAR - Just a reminder in December we begin our second round of STAR testing. This is the computerized system that helps us monitor the student's growth in Early Literacy Skills in Grades K & 1 and Mathematic skills in Grades 1 through 5. These assessments are a means to help us monitor student progress towards learning goals, in addition to the regular classroom assessments.
Coming in January -The theme of Inspiration through PBIS/ TWIST. A new round of AIS will begin. Our PTA play production is well underway with rehearsals and prep for the wonderful show. The students are practicing and doing a wonderful job, please join us in viewing Willy Wonka Jr. produced by the LT Players in early February.
E4 Room -we are fortunate to have an extra classroom space which has been developed to be the E4 Room. In this space we are devoting time to develop experiences for the children to explore, experiment, examine and express with different experiences than just their classroom. Our Coaches are working on helping develop projects for the students to use skills to solve problem, be creative, look at things from different points of view and learn how to work as a team to find solutions. This past month our students were given foil, tub with water, pennies and the goal was to build a boat that could hold as many pennies as possible without sinking. We had many strategic thinkers. One group completed a boat which held over 300 pennies. We are proud of our students and hope to continue sparking creativity.
In addition to some great Thanksgiving -related stories and projects, this past month we have been discussing fiction genre:  realistic, fantasy, mystery, adventure, sci fi, historical and humor.  In Kindergarten, we introduced the parts of a book and elements such as title, author, illustrator, publisher and place of publication.  Ask your child to sing you the "Author Writes the Book" song sung to the tune of Old MacDonald Had a Farm.  1st grade reviewed parts of a book with the help of an eBook (which students learned was an electronic book) from Capstone entitled Karl and Carolina Uncover Parts of a Book.  We have collections of eBooks which are available online for home and school use through the LT Library website.  Both Capstone and Follett have the login/password " ltes/library."  Grades 2-5 will be doing a month of our typing program called "Typing Agent."  Kindly make sure your student has headphones or earbuds in order to take full advantage of this program here in school.
Wild About ELA and Math Coaching!
We are coming to the end of our current cycles in classrooms and getting ready to meet with teachers in the month of December to review student progress across the building.  We are so proud of the hard work we have experienced in both math and reading and look forward to seeing the growth your children are making.  In addition to this, we have been working hard developing the E4 room.  This is a place where classes can Express, Experiment, Explore, and Examine.  You may have heard about the featured boat experiment for November!  Every month, we are preparing a new hands-on activity for your child/children to enjoy with their class.  Each activity focuses on higher order thinking, discovery learning, and most of!  Be sure to ask your child/children about the featured project for December!
Chris Urso (ELA Coach)
Jennifer Crivelli (Math Coach)
  Winter Concert Grs. 4/5                       December 4
    STAR Testing Begins                             December 4
   School Photo Retake                            December 6
PTA Mtg.                                            December 6
  PTA Movie Night                                  December 8
     4th Grade Blythedale Project               December 14
    STAR Testing Ends                             December 20
   Interims Go Home                              December 21
     First Day of Winter Recess                   December 25
   Return from Winter Recess                      January 2

PBIS/Character Education
November was spent focusing on the many ways L-T TWISTers can make wise choices. The month came to a close with a "Wise Choices Spirit Week." Staff and students celebrated making wise choices by participating in activities such as "Stop,Think, and Act" Day and "Recycle" Day, among others. We are looking forward to December and "The Great Kindness Challenge." This will be a community kindness challenge where students will receive "Kindness Tickets" with suggested kind actions to perform and record. In order to help keep the community up-to-par with PBIS at L-T, the PBIS portion of the LT website is currently being updated with new information, photos, and PBIS happenings! 
Great Kindness Challenge parent directions 2017
Parent's Guide:
Our staff is currently completing a book study within our faculty meeting time. Mathematical Mindset by Jo Boaler is helping us work on math education from UPK - 5th grades.
Helping students understand and apply mathematics knowledge and skills are a collective responsibility of the teachers, principal and parents. Students need to learn mathematics in a way that will serve them throughout their lives. Understanding mathematics can provide our students with many job and career opportunities. This is why students need to know why mathematics works the way it does, how to use it with confidence and competence when solving problems.
Understanding mathematics enables us to:
* Solve problems and make sound decisions
* Perform calculations with ease
* Explain how we solved a problem and why we made a particular decision
* Use technology such as calculators and computer applications to help solve problems
* Understand patterns and trends so that we can make predictions
* Manage our time and money
* Handle everyday situations that involve numbers
Before your child can learn mathematics, he or she needs to believe in his or her ability to do so. That's where we all come in. However, you can be your child's first role model for learning. When you engage with your child in a supportive, relaxed atmosphere, your child will enjoy exploring the world of mathematics.
Solve Everyday Problems Tip!
Encourage your child to talk about and show a math problem in a way that makes sense to her or him - for example, your child may act it out, use the actual materials, draw it or count on his or her fingers!
Involve your child in using numbers to solve problems and make everyday decisions. You might ask the following:
* "We need six tomatoes to make our sauce for dinner, and we have only two. How many more do we need to buy?"
* "You have two pillows in your room and your sister has two pillows in her room. How many pillowcases do I need to wash?"
* "Two guests are coming to eat dinner with us. How many plates will we need? How many utensils?"
More challenging situations might involve adding, subtracting larger numbers, or situations in which your child has to add or subtract more than once to solve the problem.

News from the Nurse
Remind your children hand washing is the best way to stop the spread of germs.  Please encourage the use of tissues, cough etiquette and hand washing.  You don't want your child to miss school, but neither do you want to send a sick child to school and endanger him or her as well as other children and staff.
If your child shows any symptoms of illness:
temperature over 100F, flu-like symptoms, vomiting or GI issues, sore throat that interferes with swallowing, ear pain, colored eye drainage, suspicious or draining rash. Please keep him/her home.  A child who is sick will not be able to perform well in school. Notify your health care provider if there is no improvement.
Children may not return to school unless:
*They are fever free for 24 hours WITHOUT medication for fever
*They have not vomited for 24 hours
*A FULL 24 hours has passed since their first dose of antibiotic for strep throat or a skin infection.
During school if your child is ill and/or found to have flu like symptoms parents/guardians will be called to pick up their child. Please have updated contact numbers on file. Emergency contacts should be local and available to pick up students promptly. When parents call to report an absence, please identify the illness your child is experiencing including symptoms.  Absences should be called in daily.   When your child returns to school a note must be sent to the classroom teacher stating reason student was absent.
Every attempt is made to have outdoor recess!  This is an important time to get exercise, fresh air and have some needed playtime.  Students are generally outside for 20 minutes so hats, gloves and warm winter jackets are essential. Make sure your child is prepared with warm outerwear.   Label all outerwear items and layers are essential for preparedness.
Thanks for your cooperation.
Keep Healthy!
Daniella Ferreira, BSN, RN
School Nurse
Have a Wonderful December!