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February brought us some indoor recess time; we began with a new room for indoor play enjoyment. The students are working together to learn rules to table tennis, corn hole, pool, knock hockey and lego building.

March ~ The weather did not truly cooperate for there to be consistent days of instruction. We are all doing our best to keep a routine going and meeting the needs of our students. We finished up with our One School, One Book reading. We hope all of our families enjoyed Charlotte’s Web. There were many fun and educational opportunities throughout the read.

Character Education ~ Theme for March was Safety. We celebrated this theme all month; our kick off assembly was interrupted on Friday, March 2 with a snow day. We were able to reschedule and then had more snow.The month of April we will continue our Safety discussions and celebrate Responsibility. We all have responsibilities to ourselves and others. We continue to work on Teamwork to understand as a school community it is important to work together for common goals. 

PTA Updates ~The L-T PTA had a Pocketbook Bingo night in February. Much hard work and planning goes into the events they provide to both adults and children. Any support we can give, I know the Board appreciates. Please remember to say thank you to them for their efforts and time. They hosted a Talent Show in March. We thank our PTA for the support and program options they offer our students of Lincoln-Titus Elementary School. Thank you to all the parent volunteers that come together to ensure the options continue.

NYS Assessments ~ NYS ELA and Math Assessments for Grades 3-5 have changed this year. The NYS Education Department has made changes to the administration of both exams. They will be administered over a two day period for each instead of the previous three days. The ELA Exam will be April 11 – 12 with make-up days following and Math will be administered on May 2 & 3, with following days of make-up if needed. Our Fourth Grade takes a Science Performance and Written Exam in May and June.

Calendar Update ~ Due to the amount of inclement weather, please note school is open on Wednesday, April 4, Thursday, April 5 and Friday April 6.

Incoming Parent Orientation ~ Due to the inclement weather the Incoming Kindergarten Parent Orientation was canceled. It will be rescheduled for the evening of Wednesday, April 11th. The session will be from 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM. We will be contacting our incoming Kindergarten families with this information as well.

April ~ The third quarter of instruction ends as of April 13th. Teachers are preparing report cards for distribution on April 25th. Our Kindergarten will be discussing and participating in a workshop on “Where does garbage go?”, second Grade will be participating in videoconferencing. The UPK through first grade will get to experience the excitement of bubble making and all the scientific aspects that goes into bubbles. The second grade will be traveling to Madden for their trip at the end of the month. We have special speakers for Fourth and second grade, Sam Ladley (Colonial Man) and Helen Lester (Author), respectively.

Board of Education Meeting ~ we will be hosting the Board of Education Meeting on Thursday, April 26 at Lincoln-Titus Elementary School. The meetings are currently reviewing budget information for the upcoming school year. 


As you know, our special “One Book, One School” book was Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White.  Using the setting of this book, we have been learning about farms and farm animals in our Pre-K classes with facts and stories about farms, pigs and sheep.  In Kindergarten and Gr. 1, we have been concentrating on classic stories such as The Little Red Hen and The Princess and the Pea and their variations (The Little Red Hen Makes A Pizza and The Very Smart Pea and the Princess to Be) among several others.  Folklore in various forms was our concentration for Gr. 2.  We learned about myths, fairy tales, “pourquoi” tales and tall tales.  This past month, grades 3, 4 and 5 have been learning about researching using subscription databases like World Book Kids and Britannica School--which is new this year.  Just go to the Lincoln-Titus library website, and click on the “Students” page.   Click on either of these databases mentioned on the “Students” page.  As with the eBooks discussed in the January newsletter, the username is “LTES” and the password is “library.”  Each of these databases has a little something different to offer.  Enjoy! 


Wild About ELA and Math Coaching!

Well, the saying sure holds true this year that “March comes in like a lion.” Let’s hope for some spring weather soon!  In this past month the coaches have been working with individual teachers to assess the progress your children are making in both math and ELA.  We have been discussing strategies for those students who need more support and sharing ideas to enrich those who are above grade level.  We are very excited to start a new cycle in April.  The math coach will be working with grades 4 and 5, while the literacy coach will be working with grades K and 1.  In math, grade 4 classrooms will be sharing co-teaching experiences with Mrs. Crivelli, as well as assistance with interventions.  Grade 5 will be learning and experiencing what a math workshop looks like.  In ELA, Mr. Urso will be working on a balanced literacy structure in the classrooms, as well as taking part in administering guided reading lessons in all K-1 rooms.  We are so excited to get this great work started!  

Best,       Chris Urso (ELA Coach), Jennifer Crivelli (Math Coach)

  PBIS/Character Education

Save the Date! Scratch Day …. and Beyond... is coming back to Lakeland Central School District on Saturday, April 28, 2018. Registration opens on Monday, March 26. Watch the website for details.

If you attended last year, you won’t want to miss this year’s event, with more activities and prizes!

This year’s event has been named Scratch Day and Beyond because we are expanding the activities available. The Makerspace will return, but with more activities. We’ll have a Breakout EDU room (find out what that’s all about!), and coding sessions with various programs.  Students and adults will gather to share projects and learn new ones.  The Ozobot room will be back.  There will be door prizes, refreshments and informational sessions for parents to learn more about our programs and what we are doing here at Lakeland to incorporate computer science into all grade levels.