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Christopher Cummings, Principal
Chris Mercurio, Assistant Principal
Alfonse Davino, Assistant Principal

October 2017

Talk about time flying by! This year is certainly moving along.

We are very pleased with how the school year has started off and our students have been wonderful.  Our teachers are diligently working to put together lessons which engage our students both inside and out of the classroom.  Through the utilization of technology, we have redesigned the way in which we teach our students.  This has truly changed the way in which our classrooms run. From daily use of Chrome-books to the “Flipped Classroom” model, students are learning in ways that are new to them in order to prepare them for life beyond Lakeland.

As we move into October, I would like to remind everyone to join us for our Homecoming game on October 6th @ 7:00 p.m. against Byram Hills. This evening is a chance to bring together our community and school for a wonderful event. Students will be performing, and sharing activities as you enter the complex. We are also extremely pleased with our new multi-purpose field and are amazed with the work completed over the summer.

Mr. Cummings

Important Dates!

October 6th  –HOMECOMING FOOTBALL GAME-7:00 p.m.
October 9th – NO SCHOOL-Columbus Day
October 11th – Parents for Lakeland Meeting-7:00 p.m.
October 19th - Early Release Day (Dismiss al is at 1pm.)
October 23-27-Red Ribbon Week.

Did you Know?

While marijuana may be legal for adults in some states, many do not know some important facts about its dangers.
MYTH: “If it’s legal it can’t be bad for teenagers.”
REALITY: Marijuana is ILLEGAL in every state for the under- 21 crowd.  Marijuana is harmful to your teen’s developing brain and affects the ability to reason.
MYTH: “It’s safer if you don’t smoke it.”
REALITY: Marijuana edibles, such as brownies and gummy candies, often contain high doses of THC (pot’s main ingredient) Since it takes longer to feel the effects of THC, this can lead to consuming dangerous amounts.
NOTE: These products can often be packed to look like popular candy brands.


Organization is Key

Encourage your child to set up a “home office” where he/she can spread out books and papers and to avoid distractions like siblings and television.  Supplies and other items can be kept out of the way.

Library Book Club

Students are encouraged to join in on the library book club. We are reading The Beekeeper’s Apprentice by Laurie R. King. There will be a 9th period discussion scheduled during the first two weeks of the November. The specific  date is TBD. If you like mysteries or have viewed one of the many movie or TV show depictions of the legendary Sherlock Holmes, try another version of this intriguing novel.

AP Exams

This year students will continue to order AP Exams online by registering with Total Registration. The registration window will be open from November 9, 2017 to January 26, 2018.  The price of the exam will be $100. Students enrolled in the course are required to take the exam in May.  Students who score a 3,4 or 5 on this exam may earn college credit for this exam.


Is your child the “Techie” in the house? Are they the one you go to in order to troubleshoot an issue? Is technology an interest to them as a possible career?  If so, have your child seek out their school counselor for advice. The counselor might recommend some STEM electives like Coding, Website Development or perhaps Engineering or Robotics? Your Counselor can steer you in the path toward colleges and majors which match your interests.

BOCES Tech Center

When BOCES Tech Center is not in session, please know that students are permitted to leave the school to go home after their classes at LHS.  This is a conversation you should have with your child.

PEP Rally

On Friday 10/6, we held our Fall Pep Rally where classes had a chance to compete against each other in activities such as  a sleeping bag slide, a three legged race, “Hungry, Hungry Hippos” and an all out obstacle course.  This was a great event to recognize all of our Fall teams!

Parents Corner

Being a Role Model

Remember that your child is ALWAYS watching and learning from you. How you respond in certain situations can significantly affect how they react in their social circles as well.

Parent –Teacher Communication

Don’t Wait until its too late!

The Fall is a great time to reach out to your child’s teachers in order to discuss how they are doing in class. The teacher can share with you any concerns they may have and both the school and home can work TOGETHER to support your child through the school year.

This is a great opportunity to see how your child is doing compared to his/her peers. BE PREPARED! Write down questions to ask of the teacher.  Be sure to talk to your child prior to this conversation and let him/her know that you WANT to be involved in their academics as well. They will appreciate this in the long run.

Important Phone #’s


Nurse                 ext. 39105
Guidance           ext. 39156
School Officer   ext. 39164
Mr. Cummings   ext. 39102
Mr. Davino         ext. 39112
Mr. Mercurio      ext. 39104

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