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Counseling Newsletter
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November/December 2021

For detailed information on services, updates, and important student & parent resources, visit
Lakeland Guidance

College Information Night for Juniors
On December 2nd at 7pm, the Guidance Department will host a virtual informational night to discuss the college admissions process.  The intent of this presentation is to demystify the college admissions process and help students and parents prioritize needs and next steps.  This is an evening that can benefit students and parents of all grade levels, and one that juniors and parents should absolutely attend.  This is an important piece for parents in particular to hear prior to junior/parent conferences that will begin in January.  Lastly, the panel presentation will include college admissions representatives from Binghamton University (SUNY), University of Rochester, and Westchester Community College.  A link to join the meeting will be eblasted home to parents.

Application Notes for Seniors
For all applications, it is essential that students indicate on their transcript request form whether or not they have applied through the Common App.  This will ensure the proper electronic routing of student transcripts. Seniors can also track applications through their Naviance accounts via the “College I’m Applying To” link and see whether application materials have been submitted and received.

Senior College Deadlines Approach
November 30th is an important date for seniors with a January 1st college application deadline to submit requests for transcripts and letters of recommendation. Students must provide counselors and teachers with at least fifteen working days to submit school information.  It is truly in the student’s best interest to give counselors and teachers writing their letters as much time as possible, so that they can craft a strong letter. In the event that a student makes a last minute decision to apply, in most cases the student may submit the application, and have supplemental materials follow after the deadline. It is the student’s responsibility to confirm this with the college and to let your counselor know that you applied!

Sophomores/Juniors Planning and PSAT Testing Update
In early Fall, counselors shared information about the PSAT with the 10th and 11th grade students.  The PSAT was administered on October 16th at both LHS and WPHS.  Between December and January counselors will be visiting the Junior classrooms to discuss post high school options specifically the four-year college process.  Also, they will cover the upcoming standardized testing as well as exposing them to Naviance and the college search. Counselors will also address transitional plans for students considering going directly into the workforce or the military.

The PSAT scores will be provided to students online, early December, via an access code delivered to the student’s e-mail account.  A notification will be sent when these are available.  If students did not provide an e-mail address on their answer sheet on test day, they can still access their scores online by going to PSAT Collegeboard to set up a free account to view their scores.   Codes will also be available in the Guidance Office.  The PSAT should provide a context for what work needs to be done in order to prepare for the SAT or ACT, as well as a base score range to use in considering potential colleges.

9th Graders Met with Counselors
In October, school counselors met with 9th grade classes to explain their role in each student’s high school experience and how they can best be utilized as a positive resource over the course of the next four years. Counselors spoke to students regarding school involvement, career and personal interests and graduation requirements.  Counselors are typically a first point of contact with both students and parents on school-related matters.

“ACT” Mental Health and Wellness Program Scheduled
During November, pupil personnel staff will be collaborating to promote mental health awareness and wellness.  Information regarding the “ACT” steps as well as related school and community resources is being included in this mailing as a resource for all grades. Please contact your child’s counselor if you would like to discuss these topics further.

Naviance Student
Naviance Student is a mobile-responsive site that employs intuitive tools that personalize and simplify the college and career planning process and is accessible on a tablet and smartphone.  This is a program that every student and parent will need to utilize.  This past Spring, the Guidance Department mailed home a letter to juniors with the student’s access codes to allow them to register with Naviance.  Should you require assistance with this, please contact the Guidance Department.  The link can be found on the district’s Guidance website. Visit Naviance Student.

Students with Testing Accommodations
Students with existing testing accommodations must submit an application to receive such accommodations on any standardized testing (PSAT, SAT, ACT or AP exams.)  Please contact your counselor to apply.  Completing these forms does not guarantee that you will receive accommodations, but allows the College Board and/or ACT to review whether you are eligible. The College Board application only needs to be completed once during your high school career and the ACT application needs to be filled out for each test.  Special Education testing must be current (within the past five years for the SAT, and three years for the ACT.)

Note: These are College Board deadlines.

January 21, 2022 for the March 12th SAT
January 18, 2022 for May AP exams
March 18, 2022 for the May 7th SAT and Subject Tests
April 15, 2022 for the June 4th SAT and Subject Tests

ACT:  Refer to late registration deadlines.

First Quarter Coming to a Close
At this point it is important for all students to review progress and determine what is necessary for continued success or improvement.  Setting goals, keeping organized and prioritizing are just a few of the important keys to academic success.  For more information on how you can better tap in to your abilities, consult with your teachers and counselor.

Good Luck to Our Senior Early Applicants!
We wish all our seniors who applied through Early Action or Early Decision plans the best of luck.  Decision notifications from these applications will generally arrive home by December 15th.   Be sure to let your counselor know the results of all of your admissions decisions!

November 5th: End of first quarter marking period
November 6th: SAT
Mid-November: “ACT” Mental Health and Wellness Program
November 16th: Report cards available in Home Access Center
November 23rf: Last day to drop full year courses without notation
November 23rd: Last day for down level course changes
November 30th: Deadline for senior college transcript requests for January 1st college application deadlines (schools are closed December 24-January2)
December 2rd: Virtual Junior College Information Night, 7pm
December 4th: SAT (not offered in-district)
December 11th: ACT Test (not offered in-district)
December 23rd: 2Q Interim Reports available in Home Access Center
December 23rd:  Last day to drop full year courses with notation