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Advanced Placement, Honors, and College Level Courses

AP English Language (11th Grade)  Summer Assignment
College Writing  Summer Assignment
AP English Literature (12th Grade) Summer Assignment  

Pre-AP World History  No Summer Work
AP World History  Summer Assignment 1  Summer Assignment 2
AP US History (APUSH)  Summer Assignment
American History (SUPA) Summer Assignment
AP Macro Economics  Summer Assignment
AP Chemistry Summer Assignment
Honors Chemistry  Summer Assignment Part 1   Summer Assignment Part 2
AP Biology    No Summer Work
AP Physics  No Summer Work
AP Environmental Science   Summer Assignment
Algebra 2 Honors Summer Assignment

(you took Geometry or Geometry Honors last year)

Geometry Honors
Summer Assignment
(you took Algebra I last year)

AP Calculus  - No Summer Work
AP Statistics  - No Summer Work

AP Spanish  Summer Assignment
AP Italian  Summer Assignment

AP Psychology   Summer Assignment on Google Classroom
**Join classroom with this code:  sl17qp
AP Computer Science   Summer Assignment on Google Classroom
**Join classroom with this code:  a2ai9yn
AP Music Theory  Summer Assignment Part 1   Summer Assignment Part 2