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Patricia Viggiano, Director of Curriculum-Science

Lakeland Science Research Website

Mrs. Linda Burris Chemistry, Chemistry H

Mr. Joseph Felipe  Earth Science, Oceanography, Meteorology 

Ms. Madeline Ferren  Living Environment, Chemistry

Mr. Fox  Earth Science R, Oceanography and Meteorology -  Teacher Website

Ms. Wendy Ganz  Chemistry H, AP Chemistry

Mr. Michael Lillis AP Physics

Dr. Patrick McCullough Living Environment, Living Environment H, AP Environmental Science-Teacher Website

Martha Mulholland Living Environment, Forensics, Engineering

Mrs. Mary Ann O'Gorman Forensics

Mr. Thor Peters   Engineering, Earth Science

Mr. Frank Prost  Physics

Mr. Travis Richter  AP Biology, Living Environment H 

Mr. David Sarli Living Environment, Living Environment H

Ms. Stephanie White  Science Research