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bevemojiWelcome to the Virtual Lakeland High School Library! 
Beverly Griffin, Librarian         
(914) 528-0600 x39116  sora
Access the latest Library Research Manual

We currently subscribe to a digital collection of eBooks and audiobooks withSora Advantage through BOCES.
It is linked to your District Google account, so please log in with
that account.
Click on the linked directions for accessing your Sora account.

  • 24/7  BOCES Resource Library  This link accesses all the databases to which Lakeland High School subscribes. Remember that if the blue & white rectangle comes up asking for a username and passwords it is...  Then you can easily go down the alphabetical list of sources and pick the ones most useful for you.  Stop by the Media Center for passwords or you can find them on the google link below.
Access to google informational pages    These pages have been updated and contain links that are available now.  Many of these links are brief tutorials on such things as accessing and using databases, formatting Works Cited pages, Boolean searching and so on.

Oasis Library Catalog http://library.srv.local/oasis/catalog/%28S%28az1wkp55jfyoym453o3il5r1%29%29/default.aspx?session=new&installation=Lakelandhs - look up what  we have in this  library. Come ask for recommendations.

If you have any trouble accessing or using our any resources, please email Ms. Griffin.  She can also help you with your MLA 8th Edition in text quotations and citations and with completing your Works Cited page.  Share your google doc with editing permission with her as needed.

I suggest that you do not use either Gale Newsstand or the National Newspaper Index on 24/7 as these will only give you abstracts - not full text articles.

  • The most useful databases depend on what you are looking for.  If, for example, you are doing current events or issues, try:  Ultra Online Package, Proquest, Research in Context, Issues & Controversies, Opposing Viewpoints, or Academic One.
  • If you are looking for classroom related sites, go to the library pages on the left in the green pull-down menu.
  • Career information can be found on the e-book link to the left, Career Cruising Springboard, or Ferguson's.
  • Literary criticism can be found at Magill's, the e-book link to the left or, of course, in the many physical books in the actual library.

(1) MLA 8th Edition now requires URL's on your Works Cited list.
(2) You need to click on "Cite" or "Citation Tools" - icons within an article - and choose the MLA 8th Edition format to see exactly how your citation should look. Copy the citation into a document.  Then you can organize your list for your "Works Cited" page later.  Make sure you grab the URL while you are there if it is not already included in the citation.
(3)  You no longer need the city of publication when you do a book citation!.

If you have any questions, please email Ms. Griffin (