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Officers and Meetings

2017-2018 PTA Executive Board
-Cristina Conklin – Co-President
-Christine Abbruzzi – Co-President
-Dena DeLucia-Pryzgoda - Vice President
-Venecia Segura-Dobles - Treasurer
-Gina Rossenbaum - Corresponding Secretary
-Sarah Garcia - Recording Secretary

Teacher Representatives
-Joseph Macchi
-Chris Saunderson
-Kristina Vucetic

 GW PTA Meetings - All meetings at 7.30
-Monday, February 5th
-Monday, March 5th
-Monday, April 9th
-Monday, May 7th: PTA Tea

Volunteers are always needed... Please contact the school if you are interested. (914) 528-2021

Any concerns or input you have regarding your child can be discussed at PTA meetings. Please feel free to join us and voice your opinions or concerns.