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Third Grade

Third graders are really making huge strides these days. We are approaching the time when we can really look back and see just how far they've come. The NY State ELA tests are over, and everyone worked so hard to stay focused and do their best. We were all amazed by their stamina and their persistence. Our next unit of ELA Common Core is centered around a favorite classic, Peter Pan. We use an authentic abridged text to explore topics like theme, character motivation and actions - and how these elements work together. In math, we are exploring area. We are also doing some review work to help prepare for the NY State math tests in early May.

One area you can help with is reviewing concepts of time: using an analog clock, and talking about elapsed time. Try creating questions at home looking at both types of clocks such as: "If dinner will take 25 minutes and cleanup will take 15 minutes, what time will it be when we're done?" Or - "What time was it three hours and 20 minute ago?" It's also helpful to reinforce concepts of "quarter past, half past, and quarter to." (Any question that requires looking at time BEFORE the hour can be tricky and helpful to review, such as "13 minutes before" or "twenty minutes of." The words of, to and before can be very confusing for third graders.

In Social Studies we have begun exploring the colorful and fascinating country of Brazil. Be on the lookout for an at-home project about the Amazon Rainforest that should be a lot of fun. Hint: Save a sturdy, regular sized cereal box, please! As always, thank you for all you do at home to support the learning that happens in the classroom!