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Third Grade

As third graders move into the second quarter, lots of new skills and subjects will be introduced.  The students are excited to begin multiplication. Many have an understanding of the basic concepts, while for some, it's new.  It can help if you can reinforce a few concepts at home: that multiplication is repeated addition; that its properties are similar to those of addition (commutative, associative, and identity) - and that the "X" in a multiplication problem means "groups of."  We also will be using the terms "factor" and "product" on a daily basis.  We also are doing some great work with Mrs. Barlow about how our "math mindset" can help us tackle tough word problems.
In ELA, we will continue with the module exploration of how people around the world access books and learning.  Through our guided reading groups and other activities, we target skills such as vocabulary and spelling concepts, as well as retelling, finding the gist, and sequencing.
Our next Social Studies unit will focus on the USA: its economy, government, and geography, and how those all are related to one another.  And in science, our next "cycle" will be the fascinating electricity cycle.  Thanks for all you do to support your third grader!