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Second Grade

May will be here before we know it but we are still waiting for the temperature to climb! Where are you, Spring?

In Math, we continue to work on arrays, repeated addition and good addition strategies to pave the way for third grade skills! Our next module will focus on counting money- usually a fun unit for everyone!

In Reading, we continue to read, read, read! Our fluency is outstanding! We are continuing to work on the SUN Strategy in Reading Comprehension. Please remember to have your child Search, Underline, and Number when completing work. We also consistently work with students to use complete sentences and remember to restate their writing.

In Fundations, we continue to practice R-controlled vowel sounds in Unit 9 and tap out our words. We are also becoming experts in double vowels!

In Social Studies, we are learning about geography and where we are on the map. We identified land masses, practiced the Continents song and learned about the oceans.

Please don't forget your child's healthy snack! Let's all BE GEORGE! Thanks for all of your support. Think Spring!