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Second Grade

The second graders are working hard and learning so much.  In math, we are working on place value to the thousands' place, and what the "value" of a digit actually means.  We have discussed the expanded form of a number and learned how to "stretch it out".  We will be continuing to work on word problems and learning how to answer the question by fully explaining our answer in words.  Please continue to "talk through" math word problems and practice this with your child at home.
In Social Studies, we are excited to learn about how we 'light the lights" this time of year with our family. We will focus on "Being George" in school and "being Kind" to each other.  In Social Studies as well as ELA, we continue to enjoy wonderful seasonal read alouds, shared readings and guided reading groups.  We are working on sentence structure and are discussing nouns, verbs, and the subject and predicate of sentences.  We are using this information to guide us with paragraph writing and adding more details to our stories.
We have wrapped up our ELA Unit on Friendship. We made connections, learned about character traits and got to enrich ourselves with all the great SmartBoard activities with this unit!
In Fundations. we are working on our study of Units 5 and 6; suffixes, multi-syllabic words and vowel-consonant-e syllables.  Be sure to continue to work on our weekly trick words- we are becoming wonderful spellers!
We are excited about our upcoming 2nd Grade Holiday Craft Day on December 21st .  We are looking for parent volunteers to supply and complete a holiday craft with a group of children.  Craft Day is a fun and cooperative day for the students to enjoy.  More information will be sent home shortly!
Please remember to send your child in with a healthy snack daily. Thank you for your cooperation with Parent-Teacher Conferences this year as well. Thanks again for all you do!
Wishing you all a Wonderful Holiday and a Healthy, Happy New Year!