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Second Grade

Welcome Spring!  We are so hoping to welcome the warm weather and say goodbye to snow, snow, snow. Thank you to all of your flexibility during Snowy March!!

In math, we are working on arrays, and beginning rows and columns for equal grouping in preparation for multiplication in third grade. 

In Fundations, we are finishing up Unit 8 and continue to work on double vowel syllables. We are becoming better spellers and readers every day, by utilizing our newly learned skills and strategies.  Keep encouraging your child to tap out unfamiliar words.

We will enjoy learning more about Earth Day, and will plant sunflowers. We continue to create projects on the Chrome Books.

In Social Studies we will begin Geography, including continents and oceans. We are learning where we are on the map. Please remember to have your child study their address, so they know where they live! =)

Also, please remember to send your child in daily with a healthy snack that can be eaten in about five minutes or so.

Enjoy the welcoming signs of spring! Thanks for all your support. Have a great Spring Holiday Vacation!