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Here is what the kindergarteners will be doing over the next month!

We will continue to focus on the following skills during our Shared Reading experiences:
Making text-to-self connections
Making text-to-text connections
Sequencing the story
Looking at literary elements- characters and setting
Discussing problem and solution

Writing is going well. Children are focusing on skills such as:
Starting a sentence with a capital letter
Ending a sentence with a period
Leaving spaces between words
Beginning, middle and end
The children are becoming wonderful authors as they write about facts they know using graphic organizers to help organize their writing!

The children have book baggies with just right books which they read each day. The students are increasing their fluency with these books.

We have been working on word wall words. Please keep a lookout for the following words when you are reading with your child at home me, go, I, am, my, the, can, a, see, be, is, at, up, to, we, by, had, like, his, he, look, on, got, it, in, do, has, you, are, did, said, play, of, have, get, him, come, she, here, for, will, was, all, one, love, as, and went.

Social Studies:
We will continue to work on communities. The students are excited to learn about where they live, what buildings are in the community, and what kind of workers there are.

We are starting Unit 3 where we will explore science and engineering by studying Life Sciences. We will tap into the curiosity of how plants and animals need resources to survive. Another important area we will explore is how humans have an impact on the environment.

We will begin our adding unit up to 10 using manipulatives. We will then continue our unit on subtracting.

We continue to focus on the formation and value of the numbers 1-20.

Graphing and calendar patterning continues. The students will be looking at a new pattern this month. We will continue to use math vocabulary when looking at these calendar pieces.

  • Computer Awareness SMART Board Lesson and File - new!
  • Computer Readiness Lesson Using Kerpoof  - new!
  • My Community Technology Project  -new!
  • Getting to Know Myself and Others (Social Studies/ELA Integrated Curriculum)
  • Archived Projects (no longer implemented)