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Here is what the kindergarteners will be doing over the next month!

Literacy: During Fundations, the children have been working on many various skills such as: Tapping and blending CVC words Digraphs: th, sh, ch, wh, ph,and ck Scooping sentences to increase fluency Trick words Writing is continuing and expanding. Children are focusing on skills such as:

Starting a sentence with a capital letter Ending a sentence with a period Rereading their own writing Beginning, middle and end

The children are becoming wonderful authors as they do nonfiction writing. They are enjoying researching and writing about bugs, and animals. We are also working on our unit on communities. The children are exploring through reading and writing what makes up a community and how to connect it to our community. The children have book baggies with just right books which they read each day. The students are increasing their fluency with these books.

We have been working on word wall words. Please keep a lookout for the following words when you are reading with your child at home me, go, I, am, my, the, can, a, see, be, is, at, up, to, we, by, had, like, his, he, look, on, got, it, in, do, has, you, are, did, said, play, of, have, get, him, come, she, here, for, will, was, all, one, love, as, went, from, what, or, that, when, want, this, with, because, and saw.

Science: We will be beginning our living and non-living unit. The kindergarteners will begin learning about Life Science. They will be gaining an understanding of how organisms on our planet gain the resources they need to survive. Our class critter will be arriving. The students have been making predictions about what type of habitat we will have to create for our critter in the classroom. The students are very excited to meet our class critter.

Math: We continue to work on adding and subtracting. The students are also working on addition and subtraction word problems. We will be moving on to numbers beyond 10 and place value. The students are playing various math games focusing on counting, adding, and subtracting. Graphing and calendar patterning continues. The students will be looking at a new pattern this month. We will continue to use math vocabulary when looking at these calendar pieces.

  • Computer Awareness SMART Board Lesson and File - new!
  • Computer Readiness Lesson Using Kerpoof  - new!
  • My Community Technology Project  -new!
  • Getting to Know Myself and Others (Social Studies/ELA Integrated Curriculum)
  • Archived Projects (no longer implemented)