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Here is what the kindergarteners will be doing over the next month!
We will be comparing different versions of classic stories.  The children will focus on story elements such as characters, setting, beginning, middle, and ending.  They will be retelling and sequencing familiar stories. They will compare and contrast similar stories as well as fiction and nonfiction.  The following strategies will be used during reading:
  • Making text-to-self connections
  • Making text-to-text connections
  • Acting out stories
  • Discussing problem and solution
It is a great unit and the children will truly enjoy it!  Keep reading with your child at home.
We continue with Writing.  We continue to work on labeling, making lists and writing sentences!
We will continue to write personal narratives. We will write about our lives and all the wonderful things that happen.  This will then move us into learning how to write a persuasive writing piece.
Some literacy skills we continue to focus on during our Literacy Block include:
  • Matching picture with text
  • Looking at beginning letter of words
  • Using our reading finger to read words
  • Rhyming
  • Looking at word endings
We have focused on a number of letters already.  They include:  t, b, f, n, m, i, u. c, o, a, g, d, s, e, r, p, and j. Some of the activities we continue to do each day to review and practice these letters include:
  • Drill sounds focusing on letter- keyword-sound
  • Sky writing/ letter formation
  • Finding letters using magnetic letters
  • Wipe-off boards for letter formation
We will continue with the above letters and add the following throughout the month:  l, h, k, v, w, x, and y.
We have been working on word wall words.  Please keep a lookout for the following words when you are reading with your child at home:  me, go, I, am, my, the, can, a, see, be, is, at, and up.
Social Studies:
We will be finishing star student.  Everyone enjoyed being the star student for the day.   
We will be finishing unit one on weather and beginning unit two.  In unit two the children will investigate physical science.  The students will explore how objects move in the world around us, observe, identify and predict the occurrence of collisions, and describe how the magnitude (strength) and direction of a force can cause objects to move and react.   
We continue to focus on the formation and value of the numbers 1-10.  We will also be identifying and describing 2-Dimensional and 3-Dimensional shapes.
Our Winter Songfest will be this month; more information will follow with the date and time.

  • Computer Awareness SMART Board Lesson and File - new!
  • Computer Readiness Lesson Using Kerpoof  - new!
  • My Community Technology Project  -new!
  • Getting to Know Myself and Others (Social Studies/ELA Integrated Curriculum)
  • Archived Projects (no longer implemented)