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Fourth Grade

2017-2018 Fourth Grade Supply List
The fourth grade is working on our Multiplication unit, up to double digit x double digit. Keep practicing those multiplication facts at home! Our next unit will be Division. Students will begin to study Early NY Explorers in Social Studies. In ELA, we are focusing on theme and the messages that some texts have. Students learned about symbolism and continue to use the writing process to improve writing skills. We are also working on comprehension skills and other isolated concepts. In Science our next unit will be Food Chains and Food Webs soon. We were lucky to have a visitor from Madden's Outdoor Education visit us this month with a fun and educational program on "Who Eats Whom?" Ask your child about it! Our holiday celebration will be on Friday, December 22nd. Look out for a letter home explaining our fun day. Have a Happy and Healthy holiday break!!

January 2018
Happy New Year! The fourth grade is finishing up with double digit multiplication and will be moving to a unit on Division. Keep practicing those multiplication flashcards anyway!!  In Social Studies, students are learning about The Age of Exploration and then will be studying the 13 colonies and the life of the colonists. In Science, students will soon be learning about Food/Webs and Nutrition. Thank you for your continued support throughout the year.