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First Grade

This November, First Graders have a lot to CROW about!

In Fundations, we have learned about the digraphs (sh, ch, th, wh, and ck). We have moved onto learning about the bonus letter rule. This is when f, l, s, and sometimes z is doubled at the end of a word. These words have the short vowel sound followed by one of these letters. Examples of these words are huff, fill, miss, and buzz. We are also learning about the glued sound all.  We do not tap out glued sounds individually. Examples are ball, call, and tall.  Please continue to review the sight words at home. We are adding new words each Monday.

In English Language Arts, we are learning about asking and answering questions before, during, and after reading non-fiction texts. We will also be learning about sequencing story events and about nouns. Please encourage your child to write simple sentences at home using capitalization, spaces, and punctuation.

In Math, we are moving on to addition facts within 20 with place value as a focus. We are also working on building fluency with our facts. Please continue to encourage your child to log onto Dreambox for at least 20 minute sessions at a time. This is a great way to review math concepts and skills at home.

In Social Studies, we will be learning about families including immediate and extended family members.

We will be hosting a Thanksgiving Feast in each classroom later this month.  More information will be sent home soon.

Please encourage your child to read at least 15 minutes Monday through Thursday nights. Raz Kids minutes do count! We are hoping that each child will read and earn one free pan pizza monthly at Pizza Hut through the Pizza Hut Book It! Program.