Superintendent 2018-2019 Goals

Goal One: Promoting the Mission, Vision and Core Beliefs
To emphasize, reinforce and campaign for our Mission, Vision and Core Beliefs, specifically
focusing 2018-2019 efforts on promoting “Honest and Ethical Behavior” and “Citizenship”
  • Provide messaging and training at new teacher orientation, Administrative Retreat, Opening Day for Staff, and events throughout the year
  • Convene the District Mission, Vision and Core Belief Committee to discuss, create and promote activities to implement throughout the year
  • Work with the DPC, the DYC and Communications Committee to develop additional ways to promote and sponsor activities and expand citizenship opportunities for students
  • Examine district policies and procedures for revisions to improve honest and ethical behavior and citizenship
  • Ensure understanding of ethical conduct for school employees and proper reporting
  • Ensure understanding of ethics and boundaries for all school employees
  • Activate Anonymous Alert system so anyone can report unethical behavior
Goal Two: District Data Collection
To identify data collection points related to District Goals, and establish the baseline data.
  • Facilitate the work of the District Data Committee to identify the key data points in each goal area
  • Determine the baseline data for school year 2018-2019
  • Analyze district data to determine areas of excellence, areas to maintain and areas to be improved.
  • Establish a media site that presents district data to the public and provides key
  • information about the district to the community and prospective new residents
Goal Three: Improve and Enhance District Communications
To provide more complete and more timely information to the public and school community
  • Increase and become proactive with information communications utilizing websites, social media and “Just the Facts”,
  • Expand the distribution of district “good news” stories to increased media outlets and work to establish increased relationships with key reporters
  • Establish a team of student intern communication correspondents to participate and assist with the ever-increasing flow of communications
  • Examine current district publications for possible reformatting or increased distribution
  • Examine district branding for enhanced appeal
  • Consider additional equipment purchases for increased productivity
  • Utilize Naviance and Director of Guidance to establish Alumni Relations Program
Goal Four: Increasing Achievement for All Students
To ensure the District is developing programs, obtaining resources and differentiating instruction
to meet the individual needs of all students in each diverse school community.
  • Provide training for all teachers related to connecting with all students
  • Focus professional development programs on skills related to raising student achievement
  • Expanded administrative coverage should equate to expanded walk through monitoring of best instructional practices and differentiated instruction as well as utilization of improvement plans for all ineffective instruction or inappropriate behaviors
  • Increase regular reporting by Directors of Instruction related to new initiatives, new instructional resources and results
  • Expand CTE opportunities for middle and high school students
  • Analyze scheduling and course offerings at middle school
  • Monitor and report implementation of new report card and math series at elementary schools
Goal Five: Succession Planning
To continue and improve the process of identifying inside and outside district personnel with
skills and talents that could potentially fill key roles in the district
  • Continue interviews and future planning with staff
  • Implement and monitor Today’s Students Tomorrow’s Teachers program
  • Analyze district organizational chart and determine modifications based upon personnel skills, abilities, roles and functions
  • Work with Westchester County to establish testing and job descriptions for needed positions
Goal Six: Safety and Security
To continue to enhance and improve safety and security for students, staff, visitors, district
facilities and campuses.
  • Complete orientation of elementary school resource officers
  • Work with Altaris and emergency response teams to update safety plans and drills
  • Establish an annual safety and security budget
  • Initiate and implement evening security
  • Prioritize facility repairs and improvements based upon safety and security concerns
  • Activate Anonymous Alert system for school community use
Goal Seven: Superintendent Visibility
To allocate more time in the weekly schedule for visits to schools
  • Rotating lunch or breakfast visits to school cafeterias
  • Classroom and school visits for special programs and building walkthroughs