Current "Mission Essential"

 Past "Mission Essential" Recipients

Susan LaCalamito
We are excited to announce that Susan LaCalamito, a long-time school monitor at Lakeland Copper Beech Middle School, is the second recipient of the Lakeland Central School District’s Mission Essential Recognition Award.
 Susan LaCalamito, second recepient of the Lakeland Central School District's Mission Essential Recognition Award

Board President Denise Kness, Board Vice President Rachelle Nardelli, and Superintendent Dr. George Stone presented LaCalamito with the award in a surprise ceremony held this morning, March 13, at the middle school. Recipients are given a specially developed pin and certificate. All winners will be recognized at the year-end Board of Education meeting in June. Annie Scarola, a Senior Office Assistant in the Pupil Personnel Services Department, was the first honoree in February 2019.

If you have ever been to the district’s middle school, Sue’s smiling face is the first one you typically see upon entering the building. A district employee since 2003, Sue began her time in Lakeland as a school monitor at Thomas Jefferson before taking her current position at Lakeland Copper Beech Middle School in February 2009.

“There are so many times every day I watch her display the district's mission, vision and goals,” explained Kim Cardillo in nominating Sue for the award. “She looks to ensure the safety and security of students and the building at all times…If she sees an upset child or a family in need, she directs them to the proper channels or the proper channels to them.”

“Sue takes her job very serious. Safety and security is her number one priority at the front. She follows protocols with safety and security always, but is quick acting and thinking when an issue arises that needs judgment calls. She not only does her job well at the front desk, but she has it mastered,” said Cardillo.

“Sue is an exemplary employee that always goes above and beyond her job description to help others or do what is asked of her. You will never hear her say it is too much. She is beyond being a team player. She is highly deserving of this recognition. She is an asset to this district,” concluded Cardillo.

The goal of the Mission Essential Recognition Program, which began in January 2019, is to identify and recognize employees who, in their contributions and service to the District, exemplify the district’s Mission, Core Beliefs and Vision. These individuals are “Mission Essential.”

“We recognize and appreciate that the Lakeland Central School District is rich with talented and dedicated employees. EVERY staff member has an important role, responsibility and stake in the safety, security and success of our students.”

Any district staff member, students and community members can nominate District employees for consideration using the on-line form. A committee of district stakeholders will meet monthly to consider all nominations and select that month’s honoree.  Anyone not selected is reconsidered in the next review.