Child Nutrition/Food Services

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Child Nutrition/Food Services
Meal Service and Offerings
All students enrolled in the Lakeland Central School District will have access to school meals every day regardless of if they are learning remotely or in-person.  We will continue to offer and serve the same high quality foods as we always have, ensuring we comply with all Child Nutrition guidelines.

Hybrid Model (In-person and Remote Instruction)

  • In-person students will be served out of the cafeterias. 

    • Cafeteria layouts will be modified to ensure social distancing with the use of signage, floor markings and the spacing out and closing off of seats.
    • Utensils will be wrapped and single use.
    • Foods will be wrapped or prepackaged where applicable. All self service areas will be removed and all selections will be served in a contact free manner.
  • Remote learning students will have the option of pre-ordering meals to pick up for the days they are learning remotely.  Pricing of these take home meals will be based on individual students meal eligibility status.

Remote Model (100% Remote Instruction)
All students will have the option of pre ordering meals for pick up.  Pricing of these take home meals will be based on individual students meal eligibility status.

The Food Service Department will continue to uphold state and federal health and safety guidelines.  Modifications to procedures will be implemented as requirements change.

  • Staff will clean and disinfect tables, chairs, service areas and other frequently touched surfaces between groups in addition to before the start and at the end of service.
  • Staff will be wearing face coverings and practice proper hygiene and glove wearing. Students and staff will be separated by partitions in areas that 6 feet of social distancing can not be achieved.  Service to students will be handled in a contact free maner. 
  • Students will be required to perform hand hygiene before and after eating. This will be promoted with signage and the increased accessibility of hand sanitizer and hand washing sinks.

The Food Service Department will continue to track your students' reported allergies as we have in the past with the use of our Point of Sale System.  

  • In-person students will go through the line as they normally do using a touch free scan card to identify themselves.  Servers and managers will use the allergen information in our system to monitor student purchases and verify no allergens are present.

  • Remote learning students that have pre ordered take home meals will have the menu items audited prior to distribution to ensure no reported allergens are present.

  • Food sharing will be prohibited.  Compliance will be maintained through additional monitoring and signage.

The Lakeland Central School District (LCSD) strongly encourages the use of our on-line payment system MySchoolBucks.  For students that must bring cash or check the balance or change will be directly deposited into that child’s account.  These funds can be used for future purchases.

We remind you that families are required to fill out a new Free/Reduced Meal Application every school year. Assistance and updated forms can be found at Free and Reduced Meal Info

Food Services will continue to communicate with the community and families regarding updates and changes via the district website LCSD Food Services.  If you have any questions or concerns you can contact Magalie Porretto, Food Service Director.