Meningococcal Vaccine School Requirement for 2017-2018:
All students entering grades 7 and 12 in New York State  will be required to be vaccinated against meningococcal disease as recommended by the Advisory Committee of Immunization Practices (ACIP).

Students in Grade 7 will require 1 dose of MenACWY vaccine (sometimes abbreviated as MCV4; brand names Menactra or Menveo)   and students in Grade 12 will require 2 doses of MenACWY with last dose on or after 16 years of age or 1 dose of MenACWY on or after age 16 years.
Click here to download NYS Meningococcal Disease and Immunization flyer to parents. 

Meningococcal Vaccine School Requirement

Meningococcal Disease | Guide for Parents

Please check with your HealthCare Provider for your child’s immunization status. All documentation must be on file in the Health Office PRIOR to September 1, 2016.

New York State Public Health Law, Section 2164 mandates that schools shall not permit a child to be admitted unless the parent provides the school with a certificate of immunization or proof from a physician, nurse practitioner or physician's assistant that the child is in the process of receiving the required immunizations.

The required immunizations are:  NYS Immunization Requirements for School Entrance

All immunizations must be documented by your health care provider, health department where the child received the immunizations, or must be from an official copy of the immunization record from the child's previous school (a copy of the original immunization record from the healthcare provider – not a copy of the school health record). All immunizations must specify that exact date each immunization was administered. Your child will not be permitted to attend school without the necessary verification of immunizations.

Students Residing Outside of United States
All children who have resided outside of the United States for more than two (2) months prior to entering or returning to the District, must submit medical documentation of current tuberculosis screening through either a PPD skin test or an Interferon Gold blood test in order to ascertain exposure to or active tuberculosis disease.