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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Just the Facts

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Just the Facts - The place to get the facts about issues and time-sensitive information.

Just the Facts can also be found on Lakeland's Facebook page at

Posted December 8, 2016

An altercation between two middle school students took place in the cafeteria on Wednesday, December 7, 2016.
Teachers and administrators responded quickly to the situation. A thorough investigation began immediately, and appropriate actions are being taken.
When leaving the building, one student was transported in a wheelchair as a precautionary measure.

Once the situation concluded, the Principal addressed the students and encouraged them to avoid spreading rumors or false information to protect the privacy rights of all involved.
In an effort to complete a thorough investigation, which was concluded today, we delayed parent notification until today. At no time were any other individuals in jeopardy of being harmed.

Posted November 18, 2016

Just the Facts: Process for Members of the Public to Send Emails to the Lakeland Board of Education
I wanted to clarify the process for members of the public to send emails to the Board of Education. All email correspondence to the Board of Education should be sent to the district clerk at This is to ensure that all board members receive the same information, since board members have no authority as individuals.
Mail to individual board members concerning Lakeland Central School District business either at their board of education address or private address will be blocked or channeled to the Clerk for distribution. Board members work together as a group and have decided that they want to receive all emails and correspondence through the District Clerk. In this way all board members have access to the same information at the same time. This process ensures the proper function of the Board of Education. Thank you for your understanding.
George E. Stone, Ed. D. Superintendent

Posted October 28, 2016

A light bulb broke at Walter Panas and caused smoke. The school was evacuated and the fire department is completing the inspection. Due to the smoke the volleyball game has been moved to Lakeland High School at 4:30. The football game will also be rescheduled but we do not have the time as of now. At no time were students or staff in any danger.

Posted September 16, 2016

Information was received that an alleged threat was reported to Lakeland High School administration on Wednesday evening, September 14, 2016. The information was immediately turned over to Yorktown Police. At this time, the alleged threat has not been confirmed by testimony or video, however was taken very seriously. 
Police have made an arrest, however, a police investigation is different from a school investigation.  We are monitoring the situation very closely and will take all appropriate actions as necessary. At no time were students or staff in danger.  As always, safety and security remain our number one priority.

Posted September 12, 2016

For several days, Thomas Jefferson Elementary School has not had phone service. When a school’s phone system is down, Lakeland must deal with two service companies. A company must check the connections before Verizon, the carrier, will visit the location to repair the problem. Even when the determination has been made that Verizon is responsible, there can still be a delay in scheduling the repair.

Lakeland continually emphasizes that schools should be a number one priority ahead of other business interests, but it often doesn't seem to get through.

We are currently working on installing a new phone system. When it is operational, we will no longer need the carrier. Until then we will do our best to get the problems resolved.

Posted September 9, 2016

Governor Cuomo has signed legislation requiring all school districts to conduct lead testing. In order to be proactive, all Lakeland school fixtures required to be tested have already been tested and are below acceptable levels for lead. The new law signed by the Governor may require further testing and reporting at a later date. We will keep you informed as we receive more information from New York State.

Posted September 7, 2016

There has been some opening day confusion regarding the busing of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Elementary Students. In June, Lakeland Transportation was informed about the time change for Seton students. Given our entire fleet of buses and our entire fleet of drivers, the only viable option was to combine runs for Seton and Lakeland and then use shuttle buses to complete the arrivals. Unfortunately, and we apologize for this, the changes that were coming were not communicated early enough to allow parents time to understand and ask any questions about the needed changes. We do use shuttle transfers for the delivery of other private and special school students, so this is not something new. It is new for Seton, however, and we needed to provide additional information. The procedure has been amended. When the buses arrive at our elementary schools, Seton students will remain on the bus until all of the other students exit. Then the shuttle driver will come and personally escort the Seton students to the shuttle bus. This will ensure that all students are supervised and have been safely escorted to the shuttle bus to be transported to Seton. Obviously we will continue to look for other alternatives, but for now, we want to see how this works once everyone has adjusted to the change.Thank you in advance for your cooperation!

George Stone, Superintendent

last updated: 03/20/17