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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Home Access Center Information and Log-On

If you are having issues logging into the Home Access Center, it may be due to the case sensitivity of your password.  A recent update to Home Access Center now enforces case sensitivity of passwords for security reasons. For example, a parent’s password is “Password123”, the parent was previously able to log in using “password123” or “PASSWORD123”.  Now the parent must enter the password in the exact case in which it is stored, “Password123”. If you still have trouble logging into Home Access Center, please contact your child’s building.

Home Access Center Overview and Support Information

Home Access Center Terms of Use:

Home Access Center contains confidential data about students of the Lakeland Central School District and is proprietary. This site is intended for private use by the parents or guardians of each student in the Lakeland Central School District only.  Any other use is in violation of Lakeland Central School District policy as well as New York Education Department School Law. Access to and use of this site is granted, upon request, to each parent or guardian who has a student enrolled in the Lakeland Central School District.

last updated: 03/28/14