Hour of Code Class Pages

Find your class and click on the link. Then find your name and enter your secret code!
These are 2019-20 classes. Every class in the district will be participating in the Hour of Code!  
(Not necessarily in December, however.)

Ben Franklin Elementary
Kindergarten Grade 2 Grade 4
Mrs. Bauccio Mrs. DeMattia Ms. DiNapoli/Mr. Barbiere
Miss Bensaia Mrs, Leahy Mrs. Howard
Mrs. Ryan/Mrs. Bjerke Mrs. Nash Ms. Gillotti
Mrs. Romanowicz Mrs. Sotomayor Ms. E. Murphy
  Ms. Caggiano  Ms. McCay
Grade 1 Grade 3 Grade 5
Mrs. Betz Mrs. Curran/Ms. Murphy Mrs. Conte
Mrs. Guerra Mrs. DiLorenzo Mr. Grace
Ms. Cahill Mrs. Guadagnolo/Mrs. Malzo Mrs. Spadafino
Mrs. Stiehl/Mr. Cook Mrs. Prager Mrs. Hendershot
  Ms. Briscoe Ms. Rotger
George Washington Elementary
Kindergarten Grade 2 Grade 4
Mrs. Messina Mr. Becker Mr. Lawrence
Mrs. Plateroti Mrs. O'Brien Ms. Jowers
Mrs. Spiteri Mrs. Vitanza Ms. Noble
 Mrs. Carney   Mr. Saunderson
Grade 1 Grade 3 Grade 5
Mrs. Castrataro Ms. Wund  
Mrs. Colasante Mrs. Cooke Mrs. Cioffi
Mrs. Luciani Mrs. D'Uva Ms. Cohen
Ms. Luxemburg   Mrs. Senior
Lincoln-Titus Elementary
Kindergarten Grade 2 Grade 4
Mrs. Ramsey Mrs. Brinn Ms. Armstrong-Weaver
Mrs. Tiernan Miss Speedling Mrs. Markowitz
Mrs. Pestone   Ms. Kelsey
Grade 1 Grade 3 Grade 5
  Mrs. McDermott Mrs. Mayone
Mr. Colasante Mrs. Knapp  Mrs. Williams
Ms. Levy Mrs. Lynch Mrs. Sarcone
 Ms. DePalma    
Thomas Jefferson Elementary
Kindergarten Grade 2 Grade 4
Ms. Bloss Mrs. Boniello Mrs. Conetta
Ms. Lisi Mrs. Kellock Ms. D'Addona
Mrs. Goldstein Mrs. Mitariten
Ms. Latino
Ms. Lisi Ms. Santucci Mrs. Boylan
Grade 1 Grade 3 Grade 5
Mrs. Catlin Mrs. Anderson Mrs. Costello
Mrs. Conway Mrs. Cerutti Mrs. Fridholm
Mrs. Hamilton Mrs. Poandl Mrs. Petriccione
Mrs. McManus Mr. Valente Ms. Lamoureux
Van Cortlandtville Elementary
Kindergarten Grade 1 Grade 2
Mrs. Higgins Mrs. Peters Dr. Accurso
Mrs. Lisi Mrs. Sclavounos Mrs. Lachowicz
Mr. Lisi Mrs. Volpicelli Mrs. Angelillo
Ms. Pantoliano Mrs. Martin Mr. Hersh
Mrs. Serratore Ms. Rosa  Mrs. Lopez
Grade 3 Grade 4 Grade 5
Mrs. Carinci Mrs. Ahlstedt Mrs. Braunstein
Mrs. Gawron Mrs. Bird Mrs. Piccirilli
Mrs. Revis Ms. Pagano Mrs. Glenn
Mrs. DiGiovanni Mrs. Melly Ms. Meadows
Ms. Lambert    Mr. Springer
Ms. McCalister   Ms. Bettiol
Ms. Tartaglia   Ms. Wilson