Hour of Code Class Pages

Find your class and click on the link. Then find your name and enter your secret code!
These are 2018-19 classes. Every class in the district will be participating in the Hour of Code!  
(Not necessarily in December, however.)

Ben Franklin Elementary
Kindergarten Grade 2 Grade 4
Mrs. Bauccio Mrs. DeMattia Ms. DiNapoli
Miss Bensaia Mrs, Leahy/Ms. Gomez Mrs. Howard
Mrs. Ryan/Mrs. Bjerke Mrs. Nash Mrs. Roger/ Ms.Palmer
Mrs. Romanowicz Mrs. Sotomayor Ms. E. Murphy/Mr. Barbiere
    Ms. McCay
Grade 1 Grade 3 Grade 5
Mrs. Betz Mrs. Curran/Ms. Murphy Mrs. Conte/Mrs. Jean-Lature
Mrs. Guerra Mrs. DiLorenzo Mr. Grace
Ms. Cahill Mrs. Guadagnolo/Mrs. Malzo Mrs. Spadafino
Mrs. Stiehl/Mr. Cook Mrs. Prager Mrs. Hendershot
George Washington Elementary
Kindergarten Grade 2 Grade 4
Mrs. Messina Mrs. Luxemburg Mrs. Carney
Mrs. Plateroti Mrs. O'Brien Ms. Jowers
Mrs. Spiteri Mrs. Vitanza Ms. Straut
  Mrs. Wund Mr. Saunderson
    Ms. Keppel
Grade 1 Grade 3 Grade 5
Mrs. Castrataro Mrs. Kates  
Mrs. Colasante Mrs. Cooke Mrs. Cioffi
Mrs. Luciani Mrs. D'Uva Ms. Cohen
    Mrs. Senior
Lincoln-Titus Elementary
Kindergarten Grade 2 Grade 4
Mrs. Ramsey Mrs. Brinn Ms. Armstrong
Mrs. Tiernan Mrs. Quinn Mrs. Markowitz
Mrs. Pestone Miss Speedling Mrs. Peckham
Grade 1 Grade 3 Grade 5
  Mrs. McDermott Mrs. Mayone
Mr. Colasante Mrs. Knapp  
Ms. Levy Mrs. Lynch Mrs. Sarcone
    Mrs. Williams
Thomas Jefferson Elementary
Kindergarten Grade 2 Grade 4
Ms. Bloss Mrs. Boniello Mrs. Conetta
Mrs. Cegielski Mrs. Kellock Ms. D'Addona
Mrs. Goldstein Mrs. Mitariten
Ms. Latino
Ms. Lisi Ms. Santucci Mrs. Boylan
Grade 1 Grade 3 Grade 5
Mrs. Catlin Mrs. Anderson Mrs. Costello
Mrs. Conway Mrs. Cerutti Mrs. Fridholm
Mrs. Hamilton Mrs. Poandl Mrs. Petriccione
Mrs. McManus Mr. Valente  
Van Cortlandtville Elementary
Kindergarten Grade 1 Grade 2
Mrs. Higgins Mrs. Peters Dr. Accurso
Mrs. Lisi Mrs. Sclavounos Mrs. Lachowicz
Mr. Lisi Mrs. Volpicelli Ms. DiPietro
Ms. Pantoliano Mrs. Catania/Mrs. Doyle Mr. Hersh
  Mrs. Rosa   
Grade 3 Grade 4 Grade 5
Mrs. Carinci Mrs. Ahlstedt Mrs. Braunstein
Mrs. Gawron Mrs. Bird Mrs. Cronin
Mrs. Revis Ms. Lambert Mrs. Glenn
  Mrs. Melly Ms. Meadows
  Ms. Pagano Mr. Springer
  Mrs. Piccirilli  
  Ms. Bettiol