Creative, Inventive & Notable People

bnr4How do I use informational text to create a presentation about a famous inventor?

This technology project was developed to be used in the ELA block as Lesson 8 of Unit 4: Creative, Inventive and Notable People.

Focused Instruction:

Teacher chooses an inventor of their choice and model how to use the question stem graphic organizer to gather information about the inventor. 

Independent Practice

Have each student choose an invention that they love (ex. bicycle, mp3 player, etc.). Students will then formulate open-ended questions using the question stems (who, where, when, why, what and how) to guide the research about who invented or created the item they selected.

Have students use the graphic organizer (included, see files below) to compile the information they find as they research.  Students will then storyboard their presentation before completing the PowerPoint presentations about the inventor of their favorite invention.  


Students will present their presentations to the class, displaying the information they have found during their research.  They will cite where they found their information. 

Final Project Options

Teachers may choose a number of different presentation options for the students' final presentation. 

Mrs. DiLorenzo's class at Ben Franklin used the app "Teach" (Knowmia) on the iPads and her students' work is published here:

Mrs. DiLorenzo's Class Presentations: