All 4 Blogging


Students will be using a class blog in order to practice writing, commenting on other student’s writing, share book recommendations and so much more.  The blog will be used for interacting and collaborating with one another.



  1. Using the Teacher directions for Setting up, set up the blog for your classroom. Students should not use their last names.
  2. Show students the blog tutorial on Review what a blog is with them and discuss blogs that they may have read before.
  3. Show the students the classroom blog on  Read the first post together as a class and visit the blogs listed above as examples.
  4. Review Student Blogging Rules/Guidelines and have students bring it home to review with parents/guardians. Students should return this signed form before using the blog. 

Suggested Uses for the Blog (These are suggestions; teachers may have other ideas!)

  • September – ARCH Reading and Writing Responses, discussion of summer readings
  • October – Summaries of Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing
  • November – Settings, story elements
  • December – Book recommendations,  connections
  • January – Characterization
  • February  - point of view, historical events and figures they are reading about
  • March – book reviews
  • April – poetry
  • May – Reflections on themselves as readers and writers
  • June – Summer Reading Plans

Note:  One way to get students to interact and read each other’s posts is to encourage them to write two comments for every one blog post they write.  Another way to maintain their interest in the blog is to occasionally review it on the SMART Board as a class.