Mental Health Resource Links

From the National Federation of Families For Children’s Mental Health:

As national events continue to illuminate the critical need for mental health care reform in this country, we must increase our efforts to educate the nation about the importance of prevention and early identification of mental health challenges. As a nation, we are vigilant about ensuring that our citizens know basic first aid techniques, understand the importance of smoke detectors, and can recite the techniques of “stop, drop and roll” but we fail to educate ourselves about the signs and symptoms of mental illness...

We must also highlight the fact that children are an integral part of a family unit and create an understanding amongst policy leaders and practitioners that healthy families are better equipped to support resilient children. The legislation, policies, and practices must fully endorse the undisputed importance of full family engagement and participation in the care and treatment of their children. Further, we must advocate for a holistic approach to children’s mental health that includes the provision of supports that strengthen the family as they nurture resiliency.

Please join us as we create a national dialogue about the importance of healthy families and resilient children

Mental Health Resource Links

Westchester County Community Resources & Support Providers
Lighthouse Parenting
The Child Mind Institute
Crisis & Suicide Hotline
Al-Anon & Alateen
Alcoholics Anonymous

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Death and Grief
Helping Children Cope with Loss, Death, and Grief
Death and Grief: Supporting Children and Youth