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Dear Students, Families, Staff, and Community Members of the Lakeland CSD,

Welcome to the District Guidance page.  Our goal is to provide a comprehensive site that serves as a resource for your family as you navigate the middle and high school years. 

Academic and social pressures often compel students to seek professional counseling and guidance in the safety of their school environment.  As school counselors we have the unique responsibility of advocating for all students and provide support in a variety of ways through Direct Student Services (interactions between school counselors and students), Indirect Student Services (provided on behalf of students), and Responsive Services (designedto meet students’ immediate needs and concerns) – making a difference, one student at a time!

Thank you for visiting our web page and we look forward to working with all our families during these exciting and memorable years.

Frank Accetta, District Director of Guidance and CounselingFrank Accetta, District Director of Guidance and Counseling
Mr. Accetta’s Linkedin Profile, click here
Lucy Schuka, Secretary to District Director of Guidance and Counseling

Mr. Accetta comes to Lakeland from the Highland Falls-Fort Montgomery CSD as an Assistant Principal.  Additionally, he has 15 years of experience as a school counselor at all grade levels (K-12) and is retired from the US Army Reserves.

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