World Languages

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The Lakeland School District’s Department of Modern Language believes that all students can learn a second language and should be encouraged to do so. We prepare students to understand and appreciate other cultures and to function at their appropriate levels and abilities. One high school credit in a World Language is required for graduation. However, it should be noted that New York State’s graduation requirement in a World Language (one year) is lower than most college and universities' minimum entrance requirements. New York State has eliminated the Spanish and Italian Regents’ exams. There will be a local exam given at the end of the school year that will meet the requirements for the Advanced Regents diploma.

Coordinator: Mindy Albert-Bergen, Foreign Language Teachers – Lakeland Copper Beech MS
Coordinator: Kelly Rampolla, Foreign Language Teachers – Lakeland Copper Beech MS

Level 1: The purpose of a second language at this level is to introduce a student to basic speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills. Emphasis is on speaking within everyday real-life situations. This course will prepare students to take the Checkpoint A comprehensive final exam in June.

Level 2At this level, reading of short passages and brief writing exercises assume increased importance. While listening and speaking continue to be stressed, more time is devoted to increasing the student’s use of vocabulary and essential structures in preparation for Level 3.

Level 3: Great emphasis is placed at this level on the ability of students to understand and express themselves orally in the language. A broader experience in reading and writing is provided to prepare students to take the Checkpoint B comprehensive final exam in June.

Level 4  Language and Culture: Through a variety of materials, media and technology, emphasis is placed on preparing students to function in a multicultural world. Various aspects of communication skills are further enhanced through the acquisition of advanced conversational and written skills. In addition, the learning experience will be enriched by exposure to the culture (cultures) of the nations in which the language is spoken. A two-year, non-sequential curriculum may be available (Language and Culture A and Language and Culture B) depending on enrollment. It is recommended that students enrolling in this course pass a Level 3 course and final exam in either Italian or Spanish.

Level 4 Honors
This course is the foundation for the Advanced Placement course. The emphasis is on the A.P. test requirements including sophisticated vocabulary, grammar and usage, speaking, listening, writing and advanced readings. The course is appropriate for the highly motivated learner and requires the approval of the Level 3 teacher. This course is a prerequisite for the Advanced Placement course.  Students enrolling in this level course may be eligible to earn college credit through Westchester Community College.

Level 5 Honors
This college level course provides students with an opportunity to develop their linguistic as well as communicative competencies in Spanish or Italian based on readings of a literary and cultural nature while providing for additional review of grammar in the context of the reading selections.  Students enrolling in this level course may be eligible to earn college credit through West. Community College.  Recommended: Completion of 4H or teacher approval.

Advanced Placement (A.P.) Language
The Advanced Placement course for Spanish and Italian is intended for the highly motivated language student. The courses are the equivalent of an advanced level college grammar course. The A.P. courses are based on the curriculum established by the Educational Testing Service and prepare students for the A.P. exam in May. All students enrolled in the A.P. class must take the examination in May. There is also a districtwide evaluation in June. Students who successfully complete this course should also consider taking the corresponding SAT Subject Test.

The following courses are all one credit each and meet for 40 weeks of the year:

421 Spanish 1
422 Spanish 2
423 Spanish 3 
430 Spanish 4 Language and Culture A & B
425 Spanish 4H
432 Spanish 5H
427 A.P. Spanish Language
440 Italian 1
441 Italian 2
442 Italian 3
450 Italian 4 Language and Culture A & B
444 Italian 4H
455 Italian 5H
L-446 A.P. Italian

*These courses may be offered in alternate years depending on enrollment. This is a non-sequential curriculum. Language and Culture A is not a prerequisite for enrollment in Language and Culture B.