Wellness Updates

Physical Education:

The Lakeland Central School District Physical Education Department recently purchased the WELNET database from Focused Fitness. On Election Day, all of our physical educators were trained on the use of WELNET, and how it can be implemented into our physical education classes grades K-12. WELNET is designed to provide physical educators with a tool to gather student fitness data and communicate results. This software simplifies the process of gathering student academic, fitness and health data while providing longitudinal data to our district. WELNET also permits student access for reviewing fitness measurements.

George Washington Elementary School:

There are two recent updates to share. We have our gymnastics unit taking place and our K teachers now celebrate k birthdays with either healthy or non-food items (pencils, 100% juice, special privileges, etc.)

Lincoln-Titus Elementary School:

  • Second step program by Social Worker with classes
  • Zone used for students with anxiety or other sensory needs
  • Zone used for students who medically require indoor recess
  • Distribution of Toothbrush/toothpaste packets in September to students
  • Staff after-school mental health gathering
  • Regular cartoons in Weekly update to staff
  • These are a few so far this year......

Thomas Jefferson Elementary School

At Thomas Jefferson in aspire classrooms teachers have incorporated yoga for students during the day for minutes at a time at a station like choice it has been a wonderful addition to the program. In addition they have standing desks and desk cycles that fit under desks so you can peddle, both successful. During our monthly CST meetings, staff members use calm.com before our meeting, it's a form of mindfulness that helps feel "present" before the meeting, some of us have the app on our phones, it tracks usage and helps keep us motivated when not at CST.

Van Cortlandtville Elementary School:

  1. We weeded and soil changed in preparation for our next harvest.
  2. We are planning a salad day harvest for the spring.

Lakeland Copper Beech Middle School:

We held our Family Fitness Night earlier in October and that went pretty well. Margaret Rogers has started an after-school fitness club for our Life Skills and Aspire students so they could be more active. She also teaches yoga after school here as well.