Special Education

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Special Education          Special Education STRIVE

The Special Education courses that follow are recommended by the Committee on Special Education (CSE). Each class section offered is dependent on the number of students recommended for the class. The Special Education core courses (700 series) are listed in their content areas.

715 Algebra 1A - 1 credit       Grade 9       40 weeks
This is the first of a two-year sequence in the Algebra program. The topics that will be covered this year are operations with signed numbers, algebraic expressions, trigonometry of the right triangle, geometric figures and statistics. Students will take a departmental final exam in January and June. Students will take the Algebra Regents in January and June of the 2nd year of this program.
716 Algebra 1B - 1 credit       Grade 10       40 weeks
This is the second of a two-year sequence in the Algebra program. This course is designed for students who have successfully completed Math 302/715.  Topics for this course include quadratic relations and functions, factoring, systems of equations, transformations, algebraic fractions, and probability.  Students will take the Algebra Regents Exam in January and June.
717 Topics in Geometry and Algebra 2 - 1 credit      Grades 10-12      40 weeks
Designed for students who have completed Course 716, this one-year course is designed to provide an appropriate course of study for students seeking a third-year offering in mathematics. Intended for the college-bound student, this course includes topics that will further develop skills in geometry and algebra. These include properties of triangles, quadrilaterals, and three-dimensional figures, coordinate geometry, transformations, rational expressions, operations, and equations, quadratic equations, exponents, probability, statistics, and an introduction to trigonometry. A departmental examination is administered in June. After successful completion of this course, students have the opportunity to enroll in Course 718 or Course 335.
718 Business Math  - 1 credit     Grades 10-12     40 weeks
This math course fulfills a second or third unit of a non-Regents sequence. Units of study include personal finance, payroll, borrowing money, insurance, and assorted business problems.
769 Oceanography  - ½-credit       Grades 10-12       20 weeks
This course offers an introduction to marine science including marine biology, marine meteorology, physical and chemical oceanography,  marine biology, and ecology. Lab experience and field trips are included. A local examination is given at the end of the course.
Recommendation: Students have successfully completed Living Environment and have taken one additional science course. Satisfactory completion of one Regents Exam in Science is also recommended.
770 Ecology  - ½ credit       Grades 10-12       20 weeks
Scientific aspects of the environment are stressed. The course deals with the economics, politics, and history of the environment. Individual projects will be required. This course can be used as part of the required three-year sequence in science.
775 Forensics  - 1  credit     Grades 11-12      40 weeks
This course will explore a variety of areas in forensic science including collecting and analyzing physical evidence. Students will use chemical and biological techniques and equipment to examine blood, fibers, fingerprints, DNA, and other types of residues and materials left at crime scenes.
724 Reading Skills - 1 credit     Grades 9-12      40 weeks
This supplementary reading course involves instruction in a variety of reading strategies with materials from the content area.
750 Resource Education - No credit     Grades 10-12
L 756 Resource Education
P 757 Resource Education - No credit     Grade 9
The Resource Education program is a support service for students with specific learning needs. It is designed to reinforce study skills and academic skills specific to the needs of the individual student. For classified students, the program is driven by Individual Education Program (IEP) goals.
751/711 Study Skills - 1 credit      Grade 9      40 Weeks
752/721 Study Skills - 1 credit     Grade 10     40 Weeks
53/723 Study Skills -1 credit     Grade 11     40 Weeks
754/725 Study Skills - 1 credit     Grade 12     40 Weeks
Note: Study Skill courses are designed to provide individualized and small group instruction for students in the Special Education program.

Special Education STRIVE
Lakeland High School Houses a five to six-year academic and vocational program that strives to empower students with knowledge to enable them to be lifelong learners and productive citizens who can live, work, and enjoy the recreational opportunities in their own communities. Successful completion of this program will qualify a student for an Skills and Achievement Commencement Credential (see Board of Education Policy 5127.) The Special Education core courses (700 series) are listed in their content areas.

L-699 Project STRIVE - Project STRIVE is a work-study program that seeks to assess a student’s vocational strengths and abilities through a variety of job placements. The program focuses on developing positive job-related behaviors that will enable students to find and maintain employment.
L-701 History Skills - This is a modified social studies curriculum that incorporates current events. They will develop an understanding of various cultures, religions, geography, political systems, histories, and the environmental interdependence of all nations and people
L-702  Math Skills - This course provides an individualized math program. Students strive to achieve mastery in the following areas: basic computation, money, use of calculators, telling of time, basic measurement, and basic consumer mathematics. Students progress at their own pace.
L-703 English Skills - This is an integrated language arts curriculum focusing on improving oral and written language skills. A variety of literary genres are used.
L-704 Science Skills - This is a modified general science curriculum that integrates health topics. Topics covered include areas of earth science, environmental, life science and personal health.
L-705 Pre-Vocational Skills - This is a pre-vocational program that emphasizes building work readiness skills through group projects. This program reinforces math, health, and social skills.
L-765 Music In Our Lives - Students will explore the world of music through a variety of hands-on and interactive activities.
L-766 Technology in Our Lives - Students will explore the world of technology and its impact on their day to day lives, focusing on skills to assist them with the transition to adulthood.
L-767 Art In Our Lives - Students will explore the basics of Art through drawing, painting, sculpture and craft activities.