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Scheduling Students will meet with their school counselor to review course options for the upcoming school year.  Students and parents will receive an initial course request verification for review (the course verification will also be available through the parent portal in eSchool).  Please review carefully and any issues and concerns should be shared with the student’s school counselor.  Students and parents will receive a second course verification form before the end of June.  The selection of courses requires careful planning, serious thought and proper guidance. Since classes are established based on course requests, students are expected to remain in the courses they select. It is only in extraordinary circumstances that students should change courses after course selection is complete.

All students will receive their new schedule by mid-August.  If all the required courses and at least one elective are on the schedule, then everything is ready for the first day of school. 

Drop Policy
1. Student and parents will be notified when the 2018-2019 Add/Drop Form is available online.
2. If the course change request is made after the school year begins, the student must attend class until a determination has been made.

Dropping Deadline

  • 5 Days after 1st Quarter Report Card is available for review – Full Year Course
  • 5 Days after 1st and 3rd Quarter Report Cards are available for review – Semester Courses

Add Policy
1. Students may add a course to their schedule, in accordance with the Add Deadline’s below:

Add Deadline
Full Year Courses – Last Day to Add

  • 10 days after 1st day of school
  • 15 days after 1st day of school with teacher permission

Semester Courses – Last Day to Add

  • 7 days after 1st day of school
  • 10 days after 1st day of school with teacher permission

Please note: the following regarding schedule changes initiated by school administration and/or guidance:

Schedule change requests can be made any time throughout the school year, when

  • Conflict with the original course selection
  • Need for changes in an instructional level as determined by classroom teacher and/or school administration
  • Change in academic status after attending summer school
  • Any other requests must be discussed with school counselor and approved by building administrator

Course Availability
In the event of insufficient enrollment, staffing considerations, and fiscal restraints, we may cancel a course.  Additionally, courses within the same discipline, but on different levels, may be combined as a result of low enrollment.
Note:The course catalog lists all courses that are offered to students; however, not all will be offered – this is based on student choice.  Additionally, some courses may be offered in alternate years.