Regents Appeals & Superintendent Determination

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Regents Appeals and Superintendent Determination will only be discussed as an option for graduation after each Regents exam has been taken twice and other district requirements have been met, to include passing the class that corresponds with Regents exam.

Regents Appeal

  • Students may appeal up to 2 examinations:
  • All students may appeal scores on Regents examinations between 60 and 64.
  • Students with disabilities may appeal scores of 52-54 in order to meet the local diploma requirements.
  • English language learners may appeal scores of 55-59 on the ELA Regents.

Superintendent Determination

  • 1: Student earned a minimum of 55 on the ELA & Math Regents.
  • 2: Student successfully appealed a score between 52 & 54 on the ELA and Math Regents.
  • 3: Student was unable to meet 1 or 2 above, but has completed the requirements for CDOS Credential.