Physical Education & Health

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Physical Education

The Physical Education Program at the secondary level is coeducational. Activities are skill oriented with emphasis on physical fitness and participation on team sports as well as in individual lifetime sports. The secondary program provides more complex activities than those offered in the elementary and middle schools. All students are required to take and satisfactorily complete physical education in order to meet NYS Education Department and Lakeland School District requirements.

660 Physical Education 9 and 10  - ½ credit       Grades 9-10      40 weeks
The physical education program in grades 9 and 10 is skill oriented, with emphasis on physical fitness and team and individual sports.
670 Physical Education 11 and 12 - ½ credit      Grades 11-12     40 weeks
The physical education program in grades 11 and 12 is more selective than in grades 9 and 10. Students have an opportunity to select a block of activities in which they wish to participate. Emphasis is placed on individual and lifetime activities.

Physical Education Elective
P-687 Personal Fitness - ½ credit      Grades 9-12      40 weeks
This course will offer a more comprehensive and in-depth approach to one’s personal fitness. The course will be considered a Physical Education elective and will include a variety of personal health activities including, but not limited to: cardio-respiratory training, weight training, yoga, etc.

52 Health  - ½ credit       Grades 10-12       20 weeks
The Health curriculum consists of the fundamental concepts of mental, sociological, environmental and community health in addition to first aid and safety. Effects of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco are investigated as important aspects of family living and interpersonal relationships. This course includes a presentation of the current knowledge about AIDS. The course is flexible in sequence and content and is designed to meet the varied needs of students in relationship to their environment and community. The goals are to give accurate health knowledge, help develop positive attitudes, and maintain or initiate constructive behavior. A district exam is given at the end of the course. It is recommended that all students take health in grades 10-11. This course is required for graduation.
L-653 Critical Issues in Health Education - ½ credit       Grades 11-12      20 weeks
Based on the incredible amount of stressors placed on young people today, this course is designed to build upon the knowledge from Health I to continue the development of a healthy teen population. This course will expand the knowledge, attitudes and skills needed for a healthy lifestyle using seminar techniques. The course will include lectures, discussions, guest speakers, field trips, research, and projects. A strong emphasis will be placed on the most compelling and current health issues facing teens today. Participants will be able to explore various health related careers and may do some community outreach as well. Overall, the course objective is to enable the students to make well informed, educated decisions regarding their health using the most updated information and for the students to acquire and strengthen their own decision making and refusal skills. Prerequisite: Students need to take Course 652 Health before taking this course.