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New Visions and OC@! Course Offerings at PNWBOCES

New Visions Programs

New Visions programs are academically rigorous 1-Year programs for college bound seniors. These programs allow students to earn honors, AP and college credit while working with industry professionals. Many of the New Visions programs are located at sites where students can watch and learn from field practitioners in their work environment. Students who are interested in participating in New Visions programs must have a strong academic record and commitment to the selected career area. Because of their advanced studies, New Visions programs provide students with a competitive edge when applying for college admission.

 New Visions Health takes place in two local hospitals where students shadow hospital personnel from all departments.

New Visions Engineering students explore the world of engineering through hands-on projects that integrate academics and engineering concepts. Job shadowing opportunities and site visits are coordinated throughout the school year enabling the students to see first-hand the activities and responsibilities related to various engineering disciplines.

New Visions students receive academic instruction in English, Government and Economics. They are eligible to earn up to 6 credits in English from SUNY WCC or Mercy College, 3 credits in Political Power in America from Mercy College, and additional college credits depending on their program.

Students interested in participating in our New Visions programs should apply during their junior year of high school to be enrolled for their senior year. Please speak with your school counselor during your Scheduling Appointment.

* This process includes an online application, two letters of recommendation and an interview with both New Vision Staff and LCSD Director of Guidance.

OC21 | 21st Century Skills for College & Career Readiness
Virtual Learning in college has become the norm and college students often take online courses to earn core credits or take that last-minute course so they can graduate on-time. So why not learn the ins & outs of an online course from Online Courses for the 21st Century (OC21).  The courses are taught by high school teachers throughout Westchester County and utilizes a blended learning approach in-which students and staff collaborate through both Online format and 2 whole-class meetings at PNWBOCES.

Make your high school transcript “stand-out” to admissions by demonstrating that you went “above & beyond” the curriculum offered at your high school to pursue a course that interests you, or better prepares you for your Major in college – now that’s Grit!

Interested students will have the opportunity to choose from dynamic online courses designed to expand your knowledge, interest and experience. Through a consortium of school districts, organized by PNWBOCES, students have the ability to learn alongside teachers and students from across our region. OC21 courses are recommended to students in 10th thru 12th grades.  To learn how you can register for an OC21 course, please contact your school counselor at your earliest convenience.

  • Zero to Sixty: Writing Your First Novel | Fall & Spring Semester
  • You Are What You Eat: The Truth Behind Your Food | TBD
  • Brain Games: The Psychology of How to Focus, Remember, and Communicate Effectively with the Teen Brain | Fall Semester
  • Introduction to Anthropology | Fall Semester
  • Beyond Mindfulness | Spring Semester
  • Fake News & Other Hot Topics | Spring Semester
  • Adventures in Programming | Spring Semester
  • Sports Management, Media, Marketing, and Analysis | Fall Semester

NOTE: New Visions & OC21 Courses are listed in the Core Subject areas of this Program of Studies