Mission Statement

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Lakeland Central School District

Mission Statement
The Lakeland Central School District accepts the challenge of preparing students for a rapidly changing world.

We provide the opportunity for all students to learn and succeed by promoting critical thinking and high academic standards in a safe and secure environment.

Our practices and policies are shaped by: respect, kindness, responsibility, accountability and honest and ethical behavior.

Core Belief Statement
The Lakeland Central School District believes that all members of the school community should:

  • Treat each other with respect and kindness.
  • Assume responsibility and accept accountability for their actions.
  • Engage in and promote critical thinking to achieve high academic standards.
  • Demonstrate honest and ethical behavior.
Vision Statement
The Lakeland Central School District will work collaboratively with all members of the community to promote cooperation, collegiality, and a love of learning so all can achieve to their fullest potential.

We will focus on the whole person academically, socially, and emotionally. We also work to ensure safety and security and inspire all to communicate honestly to achieve our goals.
Equal Opportunity
The Lakeland Central School District does not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, creed, national origin, age, or handicap in its employment, admissions practices, vocational education opportunities, or access to – and treatment in – programs and activities, in accordance with the Title IX and Section 504 of The Rehabilitation Act of 1973.