Message from the Director of Guidance

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Dear Students and Parents,

The 2018-2019 Program of Studies provides important information concerning all of our course offerings at both Lakeland and Walter Panas high schools.  We strongly encourage selecting courses that are meaningful to your personal goals and interests.

This winter and spring the school counselors will be conferencing with your child, discussing his/her progress, and selecting courses for the following year. Your child will develop and continue to revise a high school plan that considers post-high school transition. We are deeply committed to your child’s success and transition to a meaningful post-secondary choice.

The Lakeland and Walter Panas school counselors, teachers and administrators will work with your child to ensure continued success and to be certain that his/her 2018-2019 program meets and exceeds individual interests and needs.

Frank Accetta
District Director of Guidance and Counseling