Graduation Requirements

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All Lakeland CSD students must complete a minimum of 22 credits and pass Regents exams to qualify for a NYS High School Diploma (see charts below for details).  We strongly encourage all college bound students to take four years of Math, Science, and World Languages (LOTE) to be best prepared for academic life beyond  high school.

Required Courses Credits

Social Studies

Global History - 2 credit
US History - 1 credit

Participation in Government - 0.5 credit
Economics - 0.5 credit


Science (a)

Life Science - 1 credit
Physical Science - 1 credit
Life or Physical Science - 1 credit

Language Other than English (LOTE) (b)
ARTS - Visual, Music, Theater, Media & Dance
Note: Lakeland CSD only offers courses in Visual Arts and Music
: Any course taken that exceeds the Mandatory Class Requirements will count towards Elective Credits.  Additionally, we offer a variety of electives to meet your child’s career interests in in each of the subject areas listed above and, in our Career, & Technical Education (CTE) department. It is not uncommon for students to graduate with the minimum of 22.
Physical Education
Credits Required


a. Students must pass 1 Regents Exam in Science.  This science course can be either a Living or Physical course with 1200 minutes of Lab.

b. Students with a disability may be excused from LOTE if indicated on IEP; however, 22 Credits are still required to graduate.



Regents Exams
Regents Diploma Local Diploma 
65% or Above 55% or Above
Classified Students with
Approved Safety Net

1 English
1 Social Studies
1 Math
1 Science
1 Pathway (b)
1 English
1 Social Studies
1 Math
1 Science
1 Pathway (b)

a.  A score of 45-54 (except ELA and Math – 55 required) can be compensated by a score of 65 or above on another required Regents exam, in addition, the student must pass the course in which he or she earned a score of 45-54.

b. 4+1 Pathway Options:

  • Pass an additional social studies Regents, Approved Alternative; or
  • Pass an additional math Regents, Approved Alternative; or
  • Pass an additional science Regents, Approved Alternative; or
  • Qualify for CDOS Commencement Credential
  • § Pass a CTE pathway assessment and completion of program

Important Note

  • Students may earn diploma credit for successfully completing a course but fail to meet the corresponding Regents assessment requirement; or
  • Students can fail a course and receive no academic credit but fulfill an assessment requirement if they pass a Regents examination in that course.
  •  As long as students earn the 22 credits in the required disciplines and pass the required assessments in the discipline they meet the diploma requirements

Regents Appeals & Superintendent Determination will only be discussed as an option for graduation after each Regents exam has been taken twice and other district requirements have been met, to include pass the class that corresponds with Regents exam.