Enrollment Criteria

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When students and families consider selection of Honors, College, and/or Advanced Placement courses, the best interests of the child should be the primary consideration for this decision.  The desire for academic challenge should be in balance with the student’s overall well-being and future goals.  The school’s recommendation is designed to set your child up for success. As students work their way through their course load, their progress will be closely monitored to ensure that this guideline is being followed.

Honors, College, and AP
A student’s selection to honors courses is based on several factors including grade point average, standardized test scores, teacher and/or counselor recommendation, and a demonstrated capacity for serious study. Students who wish to pursue a higher level of study that does not follow the school’s course recommendation may appeal this through a formal academic advisement process.

Beginning 2nd semester, classroom teachers conduct an Academic Advising session with students and make course recommendations for the upcoming school year. Though many courses follow the prescribed sequence from NYS, Honors, College, and AP courses often require teacher recommendations. If a student does not receive a teacher recommendation for a level-up course, they can complete an Academic Advising Form.  The student and/or parent will be given an opportunity to meet again with the teacher so that any concerns can be clearly communicated. If the teacher’s original recommendation stands, the Academic Advising Form and request to Level-Up must be signed by a parent and returned to the school counselor by the last school day in April.
Note: This form does not override the course prerequisites

Home Tutoring
Home tutoring is district supported tutoring for students who have been:

1.  suspended out of school

  • school will initiate Home Instruction

2.  missed a minimum of 5 consecutive days due to a medical condition

  • Parent will initiate Medical Home Instruction and must provide District Medical Form before    
    instruction begins.
  • Tutoring may be provided by district employed tutors, agency-assigned tutors or through online tutoring.
  • Tutoring hours cannot be consolidated into certain subjects and cannot be postponed for future use.
  • Tutoring hours that have not been completed prior to returning to school will continue until fulfilled.