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An art class is an adventure!  It is an environment of independent discovery, creative challenges and relaxing fun.  Art classes build confidence, focus, and problem-solving skills, an understanding of differences, cooperation, and perseverance.  The study of art involves your feelings, intuition and curiosity, as well as your observations of the outside world.  Whether you want to discover your hidden talents, make new friends, or start to uncover your creative side, trying an art class is always a smart decision.

550 Studio Art -
1 credit     Grades 9-12     40 weeks
Studio Art introduces students to a variety of art experiences and helps them discover their talents.  Art experiences include drawing, design, painting, clay work, printmaking, sculpture, etc. This is a full-year foundation course required for some art electives and meets the art requirement for graduation.
551 Drawing - 1 credit     Grades 10-12     40 weeks
Drawing class introduces students to the important basics of becoming better at drawing.  Students will discover new techniques and refine drawing skills, as well as develop their own creative ideas using a wide variety of materials (i.e., pencil, pastel, pen & ink, and charcoal).  Drawing skills and creativity will be gained with quality portfolio pieces produced. Open to all levels, from beginning to experienced art students. 
558 Painting - 1 credit     Grades 11-12      40 weeks
Students explore the language of painting and painting techniques through color, composition, history and aesthetics. Students complete original works of art on canvas, which adds to their portfolio development. Recommended: Drawing
52 Watercolor - ½ credit     Grades 10-12     20 weeks
Students learn watercolor techniques and create original works of art using this exciting medium.
553 Ceramics 1 - ½ credit      Grades 10-12      20 weeks
Hand-building techniques are explored in this beginner’s fun and innovative studio class. Students will create works of art using the pinch, coil, and slab methods. Students will be encouraged to use their imaginations to design original works of art in a creative and supportive environment.
554 Ceramics 2 - ½ credit     Grades 10-12     20 weeks
Students will learn how to throw on the potter’s wheel, experiment with different types of glazes and explore a variety of effects. Projects will include bowls, cups, and vases in addition to students’ own original designs. This is a vigorous and exciting course that entails patience and imagination.
Prerequisite: Studio in Ceramics 1.
L-557 Wearable Art  - ½ credit     Grades 10-12      20 weeks
This is a hands-on art class geared towards art that is wearable and/or functional. Students might create T-shirts with iron-on transfers, brands and logos that will be applied to clothing, paint jean jackets, skateboard decks, or snowboards and furniture. Learning to make colorful tie-dye clothing, and exploring fashion trends through the decades, will help students make art that they can wear with pride.
560 Digital Art & Design 1 - ½ credit     Grades 10-12     20 weeks
Students will create artwork and learn special effects using Adobe Photoshop,  Mac computers, drawing tablets, and digital cameras. Using photos and simple drawings, students will create amazing images through Photoshop program tools and special effects. Basic art concepts, illustration, storytelling, and graphic design are all introduced in this course.
561 Digital Art & Design 2 - ½ credit     Grades 10-12      20 weeks
Level 2 Digital Art & Design builds upon student’s visual special effects knowledge, and challenges their creativity, problem solving, illustration, and visual storytelling skills. Class uses Photoshop and the Mac computer lab.
P-566 Digital Photography 1 - 1 credit     Grades 10-12     40 weeks
Students can take their phone photos to the next level. In this course, students will use a variety of photographic skills including composition, Adobe Photoshop editing/manipulation, lighting techniques, and Epson professional quality printing. Having your own Digital SLR camera is preferred but not mandatory.  Portfolio work will be developed at the completion of the course.
P-567 Digital Photography 2 - ½ credit     Grades 10-12     20 weeks
In this class, students will take their photographic foundation skills to the next level while building their
photography portfolio. Individual artistic style will be enhanced throughout this course. Advanced lighting
techniques and processing skills will also be explored.
565  Printmaking - ½-credit     Grades10-12     20 weeks
Students will explore both traditional and experimental printmaking techniques and use a variety of methods for multiplication of images created.  Projects might include linocuts, woodcuts, monoprints, and relief prints.
L-566 Photography 1 - 1 credit     Grades 10-12     40 weeks
A good photograph can be captured with a camera. A great photograph is made in the darkroom. Students will develop their vision in this basic black and white photography course, and will learn to use the camera, process film, produce prints, and finish their work for presentation and portfolio. A 35-mm (manual/SLR) camera is required.  Additional materials will also be required. 
L-567 Photography 2 - ½ credit     Grades 11-12     20 weeks
Students will pursue their personal ideas and creative goals while fine-tuning their darkroom skills. Students will experience a variety of photographic and fine art techniques to enhance their black and white photographs, and will be inspired to go beyond the traditional to help build an exciting portfolio.
Prerequisite: Photography 1
568 A.P. Studio Art/Portfolio Development - 1 credit     Grades 11-12     40 weeks
This combination course is intended for students who are interested in producing college-level work in art and/or continuing their studies of art in college. Students are challenged to explore many different avenues including painting, drawing, computer graphics, photography, printmaking, ceramics, and sculpture.
Students enrolled in Portfolio Development will be expected to complete a portfolio of work at the highest high school level but do not submit a portfolio for evaluation to the College Board in May and will not receive A.P. credit for the course. 
Those enrolled in A.P. Studio Art will be expected to submit a portfolio of work along with a brief written component to the College Board for evaluation. Students participating in the program will be expected to invest a significant amount of time and commitment to their work. Work is based on quality (the development of a sense of excellence), concentration (an in-depth personal commitment to particular artistic concerns), and breadth (a variety of experiences using formal, technical, and expressive means).
Prerequisite: Successful completion of Studio Art and Drawing or Teacher approval. 
L-525 Cinematography - 1 credit     Grades 10-12     40 weeks
This course is designed to introduce students to the art of film production. Students will get a thorough overview of terminology and camera operation while also studying history, composition, lighting, camera movement and special effects in creating their own movies. Students will learn and use iMovie to edit.
55 Sculpture 1 ½ credit      Grades 10-12      20 weeks
Students will explore the 3rd dimension in this class. They will experience how to build three-dimensional projects using clay, plaster, wire, wood, found objects or papier-mâché. Introduction to processes such as modeling, casting and carving are also explored.      
559 Sculpture 2 - ½ credit      Grades 10-12      20 weeks
This class continues the exploration of three-dimensional design on an advanced level. Students will work on the mediums associated with Sculpture 1, plus other potential additions such as precious metal, soapstone, Styrofoam, and materials to be found in nature.
P-556 Jr./Sr. Art Experience - 1 credit     Grades 11-12     40 weeks
This course provides students with artistic experiences in areas such as drawing, sculpture, painting, and printmaking. Students can expand on knowledge previously learned in Studio in Art with regards to the Elements of Art and Principles of Design while at the same time, explore new techniques and materials.   This course can fulfill the New York State requirement for Art upon approval for students in grades 11-12.