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Principal's Message

Dear Parents:

 Welcome to the beautiful fall month of November!  We would like to begin by thanking you for your support of the 6th grade Canteen.  We were so happy to provide this opportunity for our students and look forward to the upcoming 7thand 8th grade Canteens.  Once again, thank you for your support, as students enjoyed the opportunity to be together in a social setting.

As you know, the 1st quarter has come to an end.  We recognize all of the hard work students have done so far.  Please continue to support your child at home with homework, mental math, reading and writing.  While student report cards will be available for you to view on Home Access Center on the 21st, you should be aware of their progress, as teachers have updated Home Access Center throughout the quarter.  If you have any questions or concerns about your student's progress, please contact your child's teachers and/or their guidance counselors to meet with them.  Finally, if you do not have a log-in and password for Home Access Center, please contact the Guidance Office to attain one.  Students are also encouraged to have their own usernames and passwords for HAC so they can continue to monitor their performance and be accountable for their learning. 

As you know, we have had many updates to our facility regarding security.  This includes having our doors locked until school begins.  Because of this, please do not drop students off before their scheduled time because the weather is becoming colder and early students will be waiting outside in the cold for an activity to begin before their teacher arrives.  Please also make sure that your children are prepared for the possibilities of either two-hour delays or early dismissals.  Contact your student's guidance office to ensure that all contact information has been updated and a plan of action is in place so you are prepared. 

We look forward to another excellent month of teaching and learning.  We also look forward to seeing you at one of our winter concerts in December and January.  Our Music department is working extremely hard to prepare the students for these events and they sound phenomenal.

The Lakeland Copper Beech team would also like to wish everyone a happy and healthy Thanksgiving holiday.


Robert Bergmann


Important Dates

Nov. 14      PTA Meeting

                    7:00 p.m.                                   

Nov. 17      Grade 7 Canteen

                    7:00-9:00 p.m.

Nov. 22, 23, 24

                    Thanksgiving Recess

                    School Closed


Dec. 5         Holiday Craft Shop


 Dec. 8         Grade 8 Canteen

                    7:00-9:00 p.m.

Dec. 25-Jan. 1  Winter Recess

                         School Closed

 (Please see Page 5 of this Newsletter for upcoming Winter Concert dates for Band, Orchestra, and Chorus)

Classroom Happenings

*Our Site Based team is working on new goals this year and welcomes your ideas.  Please send any suggestions or ideas you may have to Mr. Ruolo, 8th Grade AP in the 8th Grade Guidance Office.  Also, we are in the process completing our "Socktober" initiative and will begin our plan to support students that were impacted by the terrible storm in Texas.  We are also planning to continue our relationship with the senior citizens in our community.  Our PBIS team is working with our student government and will continue "paying it forward" with a food drive in December.  Please help us reach our goal of donated food as we recognize the need to support our community during the holiday season. 

*In Sixth Grade classes:  ELA students have been working on varying book projects and identified the genre and literary elements of their summer reading books and shared why they chose them and what they enjoyed about the books.  ELA students also got busy writing about the theme(s) conveyed by the respective authors.  Classes have started close reading skills with the introduction of the first novel, "The River", (sequel to "Hatchet").  In October, students continued reading "The River" and worked on reading strategies and ELA skills throughout the novel.  In Social Studies classes, students are discussing the essential components of Social Studies and Geography, and how history reveals important details of our past.  We reviewed the parts of a map and are embarking on cartography and map-making skills.  This will transition to learning about the theories of the migration of Early Man and the Paleolithic Era.  Recently, Social Studies students were learning about the role of historians and have "traveled" back in time to the Ice Age.  In Math classes, sixth graders are working on rational numbers and graphing positive and negative numbers on number lines.  More recently, math students have just started the Geometry Unit and received their second "work-a-text".  In Science classes, students imagined what type of Scientist they would be, based on their individualized personal interests and goals, and will be delving into the scientific method soon!  In October, students created Google slide presentations and board games while others are using other creative modalities to share their knowledge of the eight steps of scientific method.  Foreign Language students are enjoying the exposure to both Spanish and Italian and learning about the different cultures.  Sixth grade Consumer Science classes are doing laundry, hand, and machine sewing in their classes.

*In Seventh Grade classes:  Student Government Homeroom Reps have been elected, and the first meeting was held recently.  Mathcounts club started a few weeks ago, and new members are always welcome!  Science classes are working on the Scientific Method.  Math classes are finishing up the Proportion Unit and moving onto Integer Operations and Rational Number (Fraction) Operations.  Social Studies classes are studying the origins of the American Revolution.  They will be learning how Mother Country, England, benefited from ruling its American colonies and how the colonists began to realize they were not being treated fairly.  ELA classes are working on finishing the novel, "A Long Walk to Water".  Classes are working on reading strategies (annotating text, graphic organizers, storyboards, etc.).  Writing is happening in FLEX classes, with students writing autobiographies which they will compile into their own books at the end of the quarter.  Ms. Nastasi's Consumer Science classes are beginning their "vacation planning project" as part of the Resource Management Unit. 

*In Eighth Grade classes:  Social Studies classes are continuing to discuss movement West and moving toward industrialization and immigration.  Earth Science classes have finished their third lab, and the students made mountains out of Play Dough in order to examine contour lines and how they impact our topography.  Science classes are studying density and are finishing up their first unit of the study of Scientific Inquiry.  They will also have completed labs that have them examining the topic of density.  Algebra classes have concluded the lesson on solving for multi-step equations, and determining three types of solutions.  We will be proceeding with word problems which involve consumer, number, and consecutive integers.  Math 8 classes have concluded the unit on angle relationships involving supplementary and complementary angles, vertical angles, angle of sum of a triangle, and interior/exterior angles of a triangle.  This unit will be followed with more angle relationships involving parallel lines cut by a transversal.  ELA classes have completed their "Taking a Stand" unit and will be reading "The Outsiders".

*...and in other classrooms:  Students in Mrs. Novak's Computer Applications classes in both 6th and 7th grades are wrapping up the first quarter in their coding unit.  Students are working in Tynker, a computer coding program that teaches students how to code.  Students are working on class projects as well as creating independent games to showcase their skills.  Please ask your student to show you their work from their computer classes!  Second quarter students entering Computer Applications class in November can look forward to using the same programming skills later in the second quarter.  Computer classes will start with Digital Citizenship and Typing Skills as they start their quarter classes in November.

*Mrs. Graessle's art classes are winding down for the quarter.  Sixth graders are closing their art classes with a final drawing of a one point perspective scene of their choosing.  Some of the sixth grade pop art cake sculptures are on display in the main hallway, and they will soon be replaced with the seventh grade ceramic projects.  Seventh graders are finishing the quarter with glazing their ceramics and are looking forward to seeing the final cake boxes as they are removed from the kiln.  Seventh grade ended the first quarter by handing in an optical illusion project on November 3rd and are working on independent art projects such as painting ceiling tiles, stools, signs for the garden and projects of their choosing. 

*Mrs. Barone's Health classes have had a productive quarter.  Eighth graders have engaged in activities such as researching mental health conditions, doing a webquest on Eating Disorders, discussing decision making strategies, and creating informative posters about E-Cigarettes.  Seventh graders are currently working on a plan to improve their eating habits and have learned a lot about drunk driving and wearing the "drunk goggles" from School Resource Officer Pavletich.

Yearbook Orders

Order your 2017-2018 Copper Beech Yearbook on line now!  Yearbooks can be purchased and personalized through the site.  Hold onto your confirmation as proof of purchase, and in June, you will have a wonderful yearbook to document memories from the middle school.  Prices will increase throughout the school year, so buy early and save!  Personalization can ONLY be done through the Jostens website, so order now!!  Additional order forms are available in each grade level office, as well as in the main office.

This is your chance to put your thoughts, well wishes, and feelings into words and pictures.  Yearbook recognition ads are a great way to commemorate student achievement and important milestones.  You can now place an ad on-line at to be put into the Copper Beech Yearbook.  All information needs to be put directly into the website and must be done and paid for in full by January 31, 2018.

PTA Info

Attention Parents:  PTA minutes, information, and updates can be found at:

Thank you!

From The Student Assistance Counselor

Every year, on the third Thursday of November, smokers across the nation take part in the American Cancer Society Great American Smokeout event.  Encourage someone you know to use the date to make a plan to quit, or plan in advance and then quit smoking that day.  By quitting, even for one day, smokers will taking an important step toward a healthier life and reducing their cancer risk.  This year, the event will take place on November 16th. 

About 36.5 million Americans still smoke cigarettes, and tobacco use remains the single largest preventable cause of disease and premature death in the world.  While cigarette smoking rates have dropped from 42% in 1965 to 15.1% in 2015, cigar, pipe, and hookah (other dangerous and addictive ways to smoke tobacco) are very much on the rise.  Smoking kills people-there is no "safe" way to smoke tobacco.  The number of adolescents who are turning to e-cigarettes (vaping, jeweling, hookah) is significantly increasing.  If you would like to learn more about these methods and their risks, please check out our Parenting for Prevention Newsletter at:

For additional questions or concerns, please feel free to contact 

Aisling Baynes, Student Assistance Counselor, at (914) 603-9965, or via email at:

Attendance Office Info

Reminder to Parents:  please have your student bring their absence notes to the main office the day they return to school from an absence.  Please note that absences called in will still be considered unexcused until a note is received in the attendance office.  Unexcused absences will receive an automated phone call each day.

Homework requests can be made, through the Attendance Office, after two (2) days of the student being absent.  Requests should be made by 10 a.m. in order to be able to pick up homework by 3:00 p.m. in your child's Guidance Office.

From The Health Office

Parents, please note:  Any 7th grade student or new entrant of any grade who has not provided a current physical exam, which is required by New York State law, will be seen by the district physician for that exam in December. 

New York Sate Education Department requires all 6th, 7th, and 8th graders to have Scoliosis Screening in school, if they have not provided a physical exam with Scoliosis screening completed.

Please provide a copy of your student's most current Physical exam with scoliosis marked by his/her physician. If no exam is received or the notation is not marked on the exam referring to scoliosis, then students will be screened in school.

The Lakeland Central School District has been selected to report Student Weight Status Category (SWSC) information from health certificates/appraisals for the 2016-2017 school year and participate in a BMI survey conducted by the NYS Department of Health.  Only students' data in Grade 8 will be included in the survey.  If you would prefer that your child be exempt from this survey, please submit a BMI SURVEY OPT OUT FORM (found on the district website's main page) to the Nurse's office by December 15, 2017.


Monday, December 11:  7pm

LHS-6th & 8th Grade Chorus

Wednesday, December 13:  7 PM

LHS-7th Grade Chorus/7th Grade Band

Monday, December 18:  7pm

LHS- Ensemble/6th Grade Band (1/2)

Tuesday, December 19:  7pm

LHS-6th Grade Band (1/2)/8th Grade Band

 Wednesday, January 10:  7 pm

WPHS-6th & 7th Grade Orchestra

 Thursday, January 11:  7 pm

WPHS-8th Grade Orchestra


On Monday, November 6th, at 6:30 p.m., we will be hosting an Open Bowls Dinner fund raiser in Cafeteria A.  All of the funds collected, including donated goods will go to Fred's Pantry in Peekskill.  Students in Ms. Rosenkampff's and Ms. Connors' classes made bowls, which will be distributed to guests that attend the dinner to remind them of those who suffer from hunger in our community. 

Fall 2017 Volleyball Season Ends

This year's Lakeland and Panas  girls volleyball teams performed outstandingly!  As of the end of October, the Panas girls were undefeated with only Putnam Valley left to play in the regular season.  The Lakeland girls ended their season 5-1. It has been my pleasure to coach such a fantastic group of young ladies.  They have learned the importance of team work and I am very proud of them all.  Best wishes to the 8th graders who will move on to their high school programs next fall.

Lakeland Team: 

Amanda Basile, Gurmehar Bawa, Meadow Caban, Amanda Carlson, Skylar Casucci, Linzy Crillo, Chiara Denet, Nikole Lanagan, Ariana Guevara, Kayla Jennings, Andrea McMahon, Sophia Sommovigo, Gabriella Zadrima, and Daniella Zecca 

Panas Team:

Jamila Aldana, Christine Balbona, Tiara Baloncio, Siena Bieber, Sara Bufi, Lejla Dakaj, Nicollette Frattellone, Gwyneth Laukaitis, Kayla Manzella, Stephanie Merino, Kayla Neville, Alyssa Roccuzzo, Ariana Rodriquez, and Emma Woods.

Thank you!

Coach Lawlor

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