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Clubs and Organizations

2017-2018 LCBMS Clubs


Sixth Grade Advisor: Serves as a transition to 6th graders, involving students in decision making.
Advisor: Michelle Reuter

Seventh Grade Advisor: To advise 7th grade students on any issues that arise throughout the year, as needed.  Help to organize the Bobcat Awards Ceremony in June.
Advisor: Mark Henkels

Eighth Grade Advisor: To organize and plan out the 8th Grade Awards Night and the 8th Grade Moving Up Ceremony.
Advisors: Stephanie Hudson, Maureen O'Boyle, Meghan O'Brien

Astronomy Club: Students learn about Astronomy at meetings and during first-hand observations of planets, constellations and stars on observing nights.
Advisor: Nick Colangelo

Boys Fall Intramurals: To provide a before-school program to all boys, grades 6 – 8.  There will be skills, tactics, strategy introduced and games played daily to reinforce the skills learned.
Timothy Hourahan

Boys Spring Intramurals: This before school program offers another place for boys to participate, learn new skills, and strategies in sports they enjoy.  Daily games and tournaments will reinforce these skills.
Advisor: Denise Kumrow

Boys Winter Intramurals: To provide a before school program to boys, grades 6 – 8.  Skills, techniques, strategies will be introduced and games will be played dailyto reinforce those skills.
Timothy Hourahan

Coding Club 6-7  Students will use math concepts in code as well as develop problem solving skills, computational thinking, and hopeful encouragement for programming degrees/jobs in the future.
Advisor: Clare McMorris

Coding Club 7-8: Students will apply math concepts, STEM concepts, and in a “club environment, be able to explore options in coding that may not be taught in school.
Advisor: Mark Henkels

Cooking with Ms. Connors: Students learn to work cooperatively to produce successful recipes.  Teamwork, leadership, and direction following are put to practice.  Students learn to make healthy foods and dishes they can prepare for themselves.
Advisor: Christina Connors

Drama Club: Students will create and perform theatre pieces as well as improvisational drama.  Students will learn techniques as well as the details of working on a production.
Advisor: Michelle Reuter

FBLA:Introduce middle school students to the Future Business Leaders of America.  Expose them to team building, cooperation, learning how to run a business, and working together for charities.
Advisor: Elaine Cohen/Maria Jeffery

Girls Fall Intramurals: To provide active opportunities for middle school girls to develop an interest for various sports/activities and to offer new opportunities.
Advisor: Denise Kumrow

Girls Modified Soccer: To bring together a group of girls who have the same interest in the sport of soccer.
Advisor: Bernadette Puff

Girls Spring Intramurals: To provide active opportunities for middle school girls to develop an interest for various sports/activities and to offer new opportunities.
Advisor: Sharon Sarsen

Girls Winter Intramurals: To provide active opportunities for middle school girls to develop an interest for various sports/activities and to offer new opportunities.
Advisor: Sharon Sarsen

Honors Band: To enhance advanced 6th, 7th, and 8th grade band students’ musical education through practice and performance of upper level music in an ensemble.
Advisor: Richard Russo

Honors Chorus: Students will explore exciting and challenging repertoire and focus on developing a healthy vocal technique.
Advisor: Antonella Delli Carpini 

Instrumental Ensemble: To create small performance ensembles and possibly provide music at some community functions.
Advisor: Karen Jacques

Jazz Ensemble: Students will play jazz, learn improvisation, and serve as music ambassadors to other schools and the community through performances.
Advisor: Richard Dashnaw

Junior Warriors: To create awareness around issues of mental health, stamp out related stigma and teach self-advocacy skills.  The club engages in many fun activities to promote leadership, teamwork and emotional strength and will present these skills to others.
Advisor: Gale Zadoff

Literary Magazine:  Students are able to see their literary talents published which helps to provide an appreciation for literature and art.  Students edit and work on layout designs for the final on-line publication of the magazine.
Advisor: TBD

Mathcounts (6, 7, 8): Club provides an outlet for students who excel in math and for those who just want to challenge themselves in math.
Advisor: Mark Henkels

Midnight Run Project: An effort that allows our school community to help those in need.  The faculty donates items/cash to purchase items that allow the students to make bagged lunches for the homeless population.
Advisor: Cathy Campanaro/Ann Lesson

National Junior Honor Society:  NJHS serves to honor those students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of scholarship, leadership, service, character, and citizenship.
Advisor: Carol Verrino/Lisa Ellingham

Philosophy Club:  To provide a forum for students to discuss, teach, and debate philosophical questions.
Advisor: Rich Harrison

SADD Club:  To provide peer-to-peer education which aims to help prevent teens from making destructive decisions such as underage drinking and drug use, impaired driving, teen violence, and teen suicide.
Advisor: Aisling Baynes (Student Assistance Counselor)

Science Club(Extreme Science): To promote the love of science.
Advisor: Judy Toledano

String Ensemble:  To provide an opportunity to perform in a smaller ensemble; to analyze and discuss music and different performance strategies; to build self-esteem and performance confidence.
Advisor: Laura Fay

Student Government Advisor:  Provides students with real-life lessons in democratic society, an interest in giving back to the community, and lessons in the electoral college.
Advisor: Mark Henkels

Yearbook Club:  Students work with an on-line platform to create and publish the school yearbook.
Advisor: Erika Johnson

Yoga: Gives students who may not have an opportunity otherwise a chance to participate in Yoga or Volleyball.
Advisor: Christine Kruppenbacher