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Clubs and Organizations

2019-2020 LCBMS Clubs


Sixth Grade Advisor: Serves as a transition to 6th graders, involving students in decision making.
Advisor: Michelle Reuter

Seventh Grade Advisor: To advise 7th grade students on any issues that arise throughout the year, as needed.  Help to organize the Bobcat Awards Ceremony in June.
Advisor: Stacy Bernstein

Eighth Grade Advisor: To organize and plan out the 8th Grade Awards Night and the 8th Grade Moving Up Ceremony.
Advisor: Antonella Delli Carpini

Astronomy Club: Students learn about Astronomy at meetings and during first-hand observations of planets, constellations and stars on observing nights.
Advisor: TBD

Boys Fall Intramurals: To provide a before-school program to all boys, grades 6 – 8.  There will be skills, tactics, strategy introduced and games played daily to reinforce the skills learned.
Timothy Hourahan

Boys Spring Intramurals: This before school program offers another place for boys to participate, learn new skills, and strategies in sports they enjoy.  Daily games and tournaments will reinforce these skills.
Advisor: Denise Kumrow

Boys Winter Intramurals: To provide a before school program to boys, grades 6 – 8.  Skills, techniques, strategies will be introduced and games will be played dailyto reinforce those skills.
Timothy Hourahan

Coding Club 6-7  Students will use math concepts in code as well as develop problem solving skills, computational thinking, and hopeful encouragement for programming degrees/jobs in the future.
Advisor: Mark Henkels

Coding Club 7-8: Students will apply math concepts, STEM concepts, and in a “club environment, be able to explore options in coding that may not be taught in school.
Advisor: TBD

Drama Club: Students will create and perform theatre pieces as well as improvisational drama.  Students will learn techniques as well as the details of working on a production.
Advisor: Michelle Reuter

FBLA:Introduce middle school students to the Future Business Leaders of America.  Expose them to team building, cooperation, learning how to run a business, and working together for charities.
Advisor: TBD

Girls Fall Intramurals: To provide active opportunities for middle school girls to develop an interest for various sports/activities and to offer new opportunities.
Advisor: Denise Kumrow

Girls Modified Soccer: To bring together a group of girls who have the same interest in the sport of soccer.
Advisor: Bernadette Puff

Girls Spring Intramurals: To provide active opportunities for middle school girls to develop an interest for various sports/activities and to offer new opportunities.
Advisor: Sharon Sarsen

Girls Winter Intramurals: To provide active opportunities for middle school girls to develop an interest for various sports/activities and to offer new opportunities.
Advisor: Sharon Sarsen

G.I.V.E. CLUB : Get Involved, Value, Everyone is a community service club that incorporates cooking, sewing and other family and consumer science skills to make a difference in our community.  Members will participate in several community service projects throughout the year
Advisors: Christina Connors/Maritza Scagnelli/Kristina Nastasi

Honors Band: To enhance advanced 6th, 7th, and 8th grade band students’ musical education through practice and performance of upper level music in an ensemble.
Advisor: Richard Russo

Honors Chorus: Students will explore exciting and challenging repertoire and focus on developing a healthy vocal technique.
Advisor: Antonella Delli Carpini 

Instrumental Ensemble: To create small performance ensembles and possibly provide music at some community functions.
Advisor: Karen Jacques

Jazz Ensemble: Students will play jazz, learn improvisation, and serve as music ambassadors to other schools and the community through performances.
Advisor: Richard Dashnaw

Literary Magazine: 
Students are able to see their literary talents published which helps to provide an appreciation for literature and art.  Students edit and work on layout designs for the final on-line publication of the magazine.
Advisor: TBD

Mathcounts (6, 7, 8): Club provides an outlet for students who excel in math and for those who just want to challenge themselves in math.
Advisor: Mark Henkels

National Junior Honor Society:  NJHS serves to honor those students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of scholarship, leadership, service, character, and citizenship.
Advisors: Danielle Reyes/Therese DiSimone

Newspaper Club: Students will write, edit, and publish articles for our school newspaper.  
Advisor: Meghan Altero

Philosophy Club:  To provide a forum for students to discuss, teach, and debate philosophical questions.
Advisor: Rich Harrison

SADD Club:  To provide peer-to-peer education which aims to help prevent teens from making destructive decisions such as underage drinking and drug use, impaired driving, teen violence, and teen suicide.
Advisor: Katherine Geider (Student Assistance Counselor)

Science Club(Extreme Science): To promote the love of science.
Advisor: Judy Toledano

String Ensemble:  To provide an opportunity to perform in a smaller ensemble; to analyze and discuss music and different performance strategies; to build self-esteem and performance confidence.
Advisor: Laura Fay

Student Government Advisor:  Provides students with real-life lessons in democratic society, an interest in giving back to the community, and lessons in the electoral college.
Advisor: Mark Henkels

Yearbook Club:  Students work with an on-line platform to create and publish the school yearbook.
Advisor: Erika Johnson

Yoga: Gives students who may not have an opportunity otherwise a chance to participate in Yoga or Volleyball.
Advisor: Christine Kruppenbacher