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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

District's Audit Committee

Lakeland Central School District Board of Education
Invites Community Members to Apply to Join the District’s Audit Committee

Lakeland Central School District Board of Education is seeking a New Member with suitable financial knowledge and expertise to join the District’s Audit Committee as a result of a recent vacancy.

Lakeland’s Audit Committee was established by the Board of Education (BOE) to advise its trustees on financial management including oversight of the independent external audit and internal audit functions.

The Audit Committee meets in public session about 4-5 times per year to oversee the external and internal audits, set direction for the annual audits, interpret feedback from the auditors, and make recommendations to the full BOE. Most meetings each year are clustered during the Summer and Fall. A District Audit Committee is a requirement of State of NY Education Law and is intended to make additional financial expertise available to elected BOE Trustees.

Audit Committee Member Candidate Requirements:

  • Possess knowledge in accounting, auditing, financial reporting and district finance.
  • An interest in the future of the Lakeland Central School District
  • Serve at the pleasure of the BOE and are non-paid volunteers
  • Optionally possess expertise in Public Finance and Accounting
  • Optionally be trained locally in School Finance at District expense for the selected candidate.

Disqualifying Conditions to Avoid Conflict of Interest:

  • District employees
  • Close or immediate family member relationship(s) with District employees
  • Employees of vendors or service providers who do business with the District

How to Respond:

  1. Email a statement of interest with resume to BOE District Clerk:
    Ms Lynn Cosenza,
  2. If you have questions, call or email Lakeland’s Audit Committee Chairman and BoE Trustee:
    Steve Korn,, 1(914) 245-1700 x221


  • Respond via email on or before Friday October 21, 2016, 5 pm.
  • Telephone interviews will be conducted over about two weeks
  • Selection of successful candidate to be announced on or about the BOE Business Meeting, November 17, 2016.

For more information from NY State’s Office of the State Comptroller:

last updated: 09/23/16