Adoption Date: 08/21/2008
6123R Allocation of Space for Special Education Programs and Services

The Board of Education will provide special programs for its students which are age appropriate, meet specifications for classroom size and provide opportunity to participate in School District programs, including extracurricular programs and activities which are available to all students enrolled in this School District.

Whenever Building Principals cannot meet these guidelines, the Superintendent of Schools shall request a waiver from the Board of Education prior to May 1 for the subsequent school year. The request for a waiver shall be accompanied by a report which will include the following:

  1. space allocations for all programs in the building, i.e., room use diagram;
  2. a clear explanation of reasons special education classes cannot meet the above requirements;
  3. detailed future plans to acquire appropriate space; and
  4. any alterations to existing space which, if funded will provide appropriate space.