R.E.A.D. (Regional Educational Advocacy Districts) has provided 10 years of advocacy for public schools in Orange, Putnam, and Westchester counties.  Current member school districts include Highland Falls-Ft. Montgomery, Haldane, Garrison, Putnam Valley, Hendrick Hudson, Lakeland, Croton-Harmon, Ossining and Pleasantville. 

Go to the R.E.A.D. website for more information.

Currently, we are working with the R.E.A.D. group to identify how all the school districts in Putnam and Westchester and some in Orange currently share services on an ongoing basis, both among schools as well as with municipalities, counties, and even the state and federal government for items like procurement, for example. This will help give us ideas for areas we are not sharing where we could consider doing so moving forward as well as ways to identify to the state our 1% savings based on sharing so we can make sure we secure the benefit of the state's tax freeze for our taxpayers for our next budget year.