Act Now - It's Not Too Late to Suspend and Amend Education Act of 2015 - #GetItRightNY

Sign Petition to Amend and Suspend the NYS Education Reform Act

Dear Lakeland Community,

More than two hundred people representing more than 40 Districts from the Lower Hudson Valley, along with legislators and parent organizations, demanded that the ill-conceived New York State Education Transformation Act of 2015 be suspended and amended immediately. 

We need your help now.  Many Westchester legislators agreed to support our call to suspend and amend, but the time to impact our legislators is very short. The legislative session ends on June 19th and we need large numbers of New Yorkers to sign the petition. Please act now, and press others to do the same, make sure they act.  Share this with all of your contacts. 

This link hosts the petition to suspend and amend the New York State Education Transformation Act of 2015, and provides for the time to develop a researched-based approach to teacher evaluation and the use of student assessments. Please sign the petition by clicking the link and then share it. Time is short!

Thanks for helping to support a high quality education for our children and the profession of teaching.

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