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Thursday, June 30, 2016


-Walk to and from buses
-Be on time
-Use appropriate language.
-Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself
- Use hall pass Sign out of class when leaving
- Respect personal space of others
-Respect others and their property
- Raise your hand and wait to be called on before speaking
- Take turns speaking
-Wait your turn
- Use inside voice
- Respond to the monitor’s signal for silence
- Give attention to cafeteria personal while on line
- Respect personal space of others
-Only use as much toilet tissue as you need
-Flush toilet
- Make sure water is turned off -Respect privacy of other students

-Have all materials/books/
book bags with you
- Move immediately
to class or bus

-Stay in line order
- Walk to the right -Stop at stop signs
-Come to class prepared and ready to learn
- Keep desk clean and organized
- Keep classroom neat
-Know your code
- Keep table area clean
- Bring lunch box and coats back to class
-Use soap appropriately
- Put paper towels in trash


-Walk within the buildings/hallways
at all times
- Listen to directions
of bus driver/teachers

-Quiet voices only
- After using the bathroom, go back to class right away
- Follow three second rule at water fountain -Use quiet voices at water fountain

-Follow directions
- Share with peers
- Work cooperatively
- Use inside voices

-Focus on eating first
- Follow cafeteria rules
- Clean up after yourself
- Use table manners
-Walk to and from classroom appropriately
- Wait your turn

-Help a younger classmate to find their bus
- Walk on pathways only
-Use polite language -Help others pick up supplies if dropped -Use appropriate language -Treat classmates fairly
- Be sensitive to classmates -Be a friend
- Apologize when needed
-Invite others to sit with you
-Pick up spilled food
-Remind a friend to wash his/her hands



-Hands, feet and objects to yourself on bus
- Respect physical space of others
-Walk face front
- Be careful when holding equipment such as instruments
- Walk to your bus at dismissal time
- Ask permission to leave -Listen to adults
- Use science tools appropriately
-Hands, feet, and objects to yourself
- Eat your own food
- Raise hand for permission to be excused
- Walk
-Wash hands -Report any concerns
- Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself

last updated: 09/24/09