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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

First Grade

     Mrs. Peters      Ms. Rosa       Mrs. Sclavounos      Mrs. Volpicelli    

First Grade ~  December 2016 Newsletter  


ELA:  In Fundations, we continue to review the letters, sounds, digraphs, bonus letters and the glued sounds: am, an, and all.  We will continue learning about the suffix -s which shows more than one, and will begin to introduce the glued sounds ending in –ng and –nk.  Please continue to complete the assigned homework, as well as practice the trick word flash cards which are sent home with the unit packets.  Throughout the month, we will be studying response writing during our Writer’s Workshop and story elements using fables. 

Math:  We will continue our addition facts to 20 and will be moving into subtraction facts to 20.  Please continue to review addition and subtraction facts with your child so they may develop greater fluency.

Social Studies:  This month we begin our unit on families.  During this unit we will share information about our families and how they are similar to and different from other families.  In addition, we will compare how family life has evolved over time. 

Science:  We will be starting our second unit in science.  In this unit the children will learn about the properties of objects and how to sort and classify using these properties.  The attributes they’ll be learning about are size, shape, color, texture, reflectiveness, and weight.

We wish all of you a restful break and a Happy New Year!


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